Ubisoft employees are like vultures

As some of you probably know, I’ve been working QA as a tester for the last few weeks and it just so happens that the company I work for shares office space with Ubisoft. Well today was ubisoft’s annual garage sale, they were selling off everything that had been returned to them from retail stores at ridiculous prices. The sale was from 10:30 to 2:30 today going by department and 2:30-3:00 was open to everyone (that means me :wink: ). Well lets just say that when I got there they’d been picked clean, the only thing left were a few mission packs for Rainbow 6 and lots of MMO rpgs.

From what I hear, the devs bribed the people working the sale and had their orders already set asside, so when the first bunch of people came in there are already very little good stuff left. Don’t you just love team work?

I managed to beat by coworkers and grab that last copy of Ghost Recon for PS2 that wasn’t labled as defective, it may or may not work, but for $1 who am I to complain.

Bribing people to get first pick at cheap games seems a bit counter-productive.

You should see EA’s sales at their Vancouver office o_o

How large were the bribes?


Oh nothing major, probably just favors, but when you can get a full version of Splinter Cell or of Prince of Persia for $2 they don’t have to be.

I volunteer regularly at a booksale for the local library, and as I’ve been doing it for something like 3 years now I can just take books if I want them, as do most of the other volunteers. As you might guess, the SF/Fant section of the booksale gets pretty denuded unless there are multiple copies of a book.

My advice, therefore, is to go work for UbiSoft.

Sorry about that. My modem is juggling a lot, considering this is rape-pillage-and-burn day.

Sexual Favours?
Buying lunch?
and my personal faverate: U2 - Elevation? (I have a talent night video doing the rounds, i post as i get it.)

Big nutter

You know, you’ve got a pretty sweet job, as they go.