two questions

this maybe the wrong thred to post this but…hell…
does anyone no these to questions…?

1.When you first start the game as Cloud… People always tell you about your eyes and can tell something about you and what you were…(Hint- Kinda like a military rank… something you plant in ground.)
2.Who do you fight in the pertrified forest?

these questions are on FINAL FANTASY 7!!!:hyperven:

People say that Cloud was in Soldier by the look of the mako infusion in his eyes - but you don’t plant soldiers in the ground, you plant seeds - which is another game entirely.

What petrified forest? You mean the sleeping forest? You don’t fight anybody in there…

Yeah. And maybe you were thinking of the fact that Mako came from the ground…?

As for the petrified forest…isn’t that FF9?

thnx loads:wave:

For future reference, the forum titled Gaming Help might be useful for this type of question.

The pertified forest is in FF9…

If you’re tlaking FF9, then yea, you fight lots of things there.