Two people die in Web suicide pact

it was their own choise
i think they would’ve committed suicide even without a pact, don’t blame everything on the internet

We’re still a long way from having suicide booths ala Soylent Green/Futurama.

Oh well it’s not like it’s your fault.Take a chill pill dude. ^ _^

Media = Idiots.

So, want to commit suicide with me?

God, those people were way to dependant on the internet.

Oh Oh Oh! Right here! Pick me pick me!

Ok. You go first.

Then you
i’ll be last and walk away

And then I’ll pick you off with a sniper rifle and run away.

Hardy har har didn’t you hear crazy people live forever.

Kinda like in that one japanese film “Suicide Club” only there arn’t any plot twists

Yes, that’s why I’m running. :runaway:

ooh i do!! oh wait i cant die. if my body gets destroyed another one will pop up and take its place. :moogle:

Excuse me while I go INVENT the suicide booth. -.-

Officers later found what appeared to be a suicide note in the man’s house that said he came to a deadlock over his work and met the woman through a Web site aimed at bringing together people interested in committing suicide together.

That’s kinda… disturbing…

You’d make a good fortune.

But don’t they already have those in Holland?

Probably. But even if, they’d probably be closed all the time due to the immense amount of prostitute corpses in there. They block everything.