'Twas brillig...


Despite the fact that I really have nothing to say I started a thread. I think it’s because I wanted to say something… but I can’t be sure.
But seeing as how I’ve already gotten this far… I better get to saying something.
Let’s begin with a bit of randomness to get into the mood…

Oranges terminate my bathroom tissue. This is a complicated problem because, well, I like bathroom tissue. A deceptively simple solution would be to dance, but I can’t.

Now that my creative juices are flowing, I query you all.

Why doesn’t a ducks quack echo?

Man, shut up!

BWA! I will not cease! I need to know!
I have absolutely no idea why it wouldn’t echo… and thats why I ask!
You must all answer me, now!

I weigh your douglas adams imitation, and find it wanting

Who’s imitating? I enjoy his work, that which I’ve read and heard anyway. I don’t think that I imitate him… do I?

Yeah, you are.

worst. first. thread. ever.

Like, where? I know I use um… belgium, frood, and gargleblaster (which isn’t in here, but I use it anyway).
But using names and termanology isn’t imitating is it? I just thought that it would be kool to use a couple of the words in my general jargon…

Now I’m questioning myself. Is it really that bad/obvious?

This just seems like a bad version of Douglas Adams randomness. I think its pretty bad

Yes! I’ve gotten a reputation! Despite the fact that it’s a bad one… I’ll stick with it!

I really tried to think of something to say… but its late. ish. And therefore I’m just an annoying and despicable creature.

I suppose that I deserve the treatment. It really is a sucky thread.

Oh, nope. Not trying to imitate adams. Thats my very own crappy randomness. If I was imitating Adams, it prolly would’ve came out better.

Duck quacks DO echo.

yeah man, last time i heard a duck quack, oh man, it echoed.

NO THEY DON’T!!! it’s one of life’s great unsolved mysteries!

When have you ever witnessed it not happening?

When have you witnessed it happening?

I think that my ignorant assumption that it doesn’t happen beats your ignorant assumption that it does!

But in reality… it doesn’t

You’re a waste of my time.



Your attempt at imitating Charl’s patented spontaneous awesomeness is lacking. We already have one Charlemagne, and he is quite enough…for two Charlemagne’s existing at the same time would surely cause some kind of chain reaction forcing the universe to blow up in a massive explosion of spontaneous awesomeness.

No need to brown nose.