TV signals for help

I think the comentary added was best, so i will copy it because im a whore.

<i>An Oregon man found a group of U.S. Air Force men at his door, warning him to keep his television turned off or face a $10,000 fine. It seems Chris van Rossman’s Toshiba—something like this MW24FM1 model with the built-in DVD and VCR—had been broadcasting on an international distress frequency, which was picked up by a satellite and noticed by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center in Virginia. Toshiba claims to have never heard of the problem before, but is going to get van Rossman a new TV.

Something like this happened to me when I was 19 and passed out, knocking my bong into the stereo, accidentally sending out the international distress signal for “fire.”</i>

Wow, I didn’t think TV’s could do that. I knew stations could transmit signals to your TV but I didn’t know the TV could transmit it’s own signals, very interesting.

“Help! He won’t stop watching Survivor!”

Mine’s too old to do that. How sad.

If TVs could talk… now we find out they can.

Heh … now THAT was interesting. :smiley: