Tutti Fruity?

Hey, where’d the tutti fruity layout go? I liked that. :confused:

I think it was just a joke. A joke that KILLED MY RETINAS!!!

It was a serious style meant for everyone to be able to use, but Merlin axed it! >:(

Merlin’s a meanyhead. :frowning:

Tomb stone Makes you go Colour-blind!

Big Nutter
I jest!

Its head a splode.

I am in merlins debt.

He should have done it before I looked at it.
My eyes are still hurting.

It was nice…but I got tired of wearing my sunglasses to read posts. >.>

I do NOT miss it. My first reaction was something along the lines of “MY EYES! THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING!!!”

Boo, death to fascist pigdogs. We want the fruity theme back >:O

Ori wants his theme back ;_;…

I never got to see it, it should be bought back so I can see it.

the corpse of tutti frutti was found in the town square next to a block of wood and a knife. The body was severed in two pieces. The townspeople were at once stupefied and satisfied.

It was Colonel Mustard! In the Town Square! With the Knife!

I also missed this fruity thing.

Ressurect it and make it the default for all newbs. :smiley: