Turn-A Gundam

And so the new Gundam series rolls around again, as inevitable as the tides.

It’s based in a continuua 2000 years after humanity gets into space, and humanity on Earth has forgotten about higher-technology and fallen into a pre-WW1 era, while the people on the Moon keep their advanced society. Three kids go back to Earth to scout ahead, and as negotiations break down on an agreement for living room for the Moonlanders, war breaks out, which of course results in earth’s pwnage and blah blah blah.

It’s not as good as Gundam SEED. It’s amusing to watch how the earth peeps react to the Mobile Suits etc, but the plot is kinda dull and like every other Gundam ever, the hero is made from the same cookie-cutter as Kira and Heero (except this time he DOES have some sensitivity in him :O) and the MS design, IMO, kinda sucks, since they decided to re-design from the ground up. The artwork was designed up the Street Fighter III artist Yasuda Akira, and it looks old and unattractive compared to most new series. Or any anime made after 1995 for that matter.

It’ll probably get better as the series progresses, the conflict hots up and more protagonists are introduced, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be on the same par as SEED or Wing.

And yes, there’s still a person in a crappy mask.


EDIT: Just bothered to watch the OP. The intro sucks. I mean, REALLY sucks.

I thoguht heero was more like Crying Freeman

The Gundam looks stupid, but where is it being played? Not cartoon network.

Thats the most retarded mech design I’ve seen since that 60s go mazinger crap.

Sing along with me, “We are teh Go Mazinger robots, people look at us… and go OMG WTF!”

Who ever created this series ought to be hung by their nards

Hence the reason I prefer mechs like the ones in Armored Core or Front Mission, cause they were actually robots and not Giant versions of rejected Megaman bosses

Marzinger and Getter Robo have a lot of extreme action

It looks pretty extreme. But not in the way that I find myself enjoying. More in the “OH SHIT someones coming, I cant let anyone who has a SOUL see me watching this crap” kinda extreme… >_<

Sorry, I still say the Mecha looks crappy. Looks like a nerd whose just begging to have it’s ass kicked by a swarm of cheerleaders hocked up on sugar!

Actually it looks like something a cat puked up after eating an easter basket full of Christmas and Halloween candy.

DUDE!!! OMG ROFL LOL BBQ~ That is so extreme! :hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven:

Lol glad you liked it. That’s what I was going for. But its the truth.

Oooooh myyyy gooooosh! Here come teh eval monstur who will destroy our city! And our hero come now! Horjay, thank you for helping us Giant 60s Robot!!!

Dude, that guy looks like he’s screaming cuss he has to shit, and there’s no potty unit in that metal suite. Lol.

Dude, thats Megaman from Marvel vs Capcom 2 (a fighting game that is just too crazy for its own good)

I knew it was Megaman, but since when can’t a robot hero have diherea?

Your right, the evas always look like theyre gonna poop too…

Lol. Told you. Anyway does anyone know on WHAT CHANNEL THIS FRICKEN THING IS ON?

IT’S NOT. I downloade Fan-subbed episodes from downloadanime.org

whats not? Mechs arent pooping?