Turn A Gundam is awesome

It’s an amazing series, I just finished watching it.

The mecha designs are a bit odd, but I got used to them by ep 10. (the Turn A Gundam has a moustache >_>)

I like this series so much, because it focuses on story and characters much more than on action. The action though, is still very well choreographed. Not a single re-used animation.

The story takes place after many many many years after a great war, where earth was nearly wiped out, and a few survivors escaped to the moon. Now after a few more hundred years, the moonrace wants to come back to earth. Earth is stubborn, and won’t let them, starting a war. In the middle of this is Loran Cehack, the main character of the series. He was sent to earth from the moon to conduct research. As the earth is being attacked, Loran uncovers a relic of the great war, the Turn A Gundam, and it’s the only weapon that the earth race has against the Moonrace.

The characters are really well developed, my favourite one being Dianna Soriel, the queen of the moon.

The music is beautiful, done by Yoko Kanno (the composer of Cowboy Bebop’s OST).

If you have the time, you should check it out, as it’s the best Gundam series I’ve seen so far. (Although I am in the middle of watching Zeta and G Gundam, so my opinion might change. Regardless, Turn A Gundam is still an excellent series.)

I watched like half of turn a gundam then skipped to the final episode. The animation is screwy and the fight scenes are a lot worse later on. Plus, the fight scenes are too short. It’s unrealistic there’d be like a bunch of robots, one would go down, and the rest of them would walk away

I actually thought it was worse than G Gundam

Um, which encode did you watch?

And G Gundam is awesome >:(

EDIT: And that’s the point, Turn A Gundam isn’t focused on action. It’s focused on characters and story. If you watch it for the mecha action, you are watching the wrong show.

Hero Legends


Yoko Kanno isn’t Yoko Onno

Good :smiley:

Jesus God just shut up. Your attempts at zings are even worse than your attempts to humour.

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I must from this point forward always fail to place any faith in your tastes whatsoever.

G Gundam and Turn A Gundam are really different though. If you didn’t like G Gundam, you’d probably love Turn A Gundam. I like both though >_>

I want to see Turn A so bad. I liked G Gundam alot.

I don’t really like Turn-A Gundam, because while the focus on story and characters is nice, I wish they would focus on a better story and more interesting characters. I actually like the animation, though.
Oh, and Turn A Gundam is very different from G Gundam. VERY Different.

I’ve been meaning to watch this for a while. I’ll try to get an ep or two this weekend to decide if I wanna watch more of it or not.

And as for Kaiser - I suggest we all just ignore him. He’ll either shut up or just continue making himself look like an idiot.

But yeah, I think I got a poster of the Turn A Gundam action figure in an issue of Toyfare when I was about 10 or 11.

The first few eps are REALLY slow. You should watch till 15 and then decide whether to continue or not.

I liked the story alot though, but I really liked the characters more. While the main character wasn’t too interesting, Queen Dianna, Kihel, Harry, and Gym Gingham were awesome.