Turkey Dogs

So I’m eating hotdogs for breakfast, right…

“Wait! Hotdogs for breakfast? What’s wrong with you, Kaiser? That’s SICK!”

…well, there’s nothing else for breakfast that doesn’t require either a lot of preparation time/effort or a lot of cleanup time/effort afterwards, and when I wake up I tend to be hizzella hungry, yo. So hotdogs it is. Easy and short to prep (30 secs tops in the microwave)…

“Well, okay, but still, that’s kinda odd…”

…Right. So, anyway, I put two hot dogs in, and I notice they’re a little thinner than the kind we usually have, but I think eh, no big deal.

They come out, I put 'em on buns, put the ketchup on 'em and all that, and dig in. But as I chew, I notice something is amiss. They taste…off…somehow. So I investigate and, sure enough, it’s TURKEY DOGS, which I’ve never had before. With good reason, I realize now.

Eating them without the ketchupy buns I could kinda choke 'em down (I was really hungry, after all), at least that way they’re kinda like regular turkey. Which defeats the whole purpose of putting them in hotdog form.

Okay, maybe they are an aquired taste, and if you eat them long enough you get used to them, but what I want to know is:


Why would you want to put yourself through the “Getting used to it” period? Who buys this crap? Who likes this crap? Who enjoys this crap?

I mean, I can kinda understand the wanting to lower one’s beef intake and all, but I mean, surely there are less masochistic ways to accomplish this feat. Why not employ one of them?

Okay, so if any of you out there like Turkey Dogs, please explain to me why you do and how you got to that point.

I think I’ve had turkey dogs before, and they were edible. Way better than that veggie and tofu crap.

I’m Jewish I eat beef hotdogs

Turkey dogs are ok, but you ran into one of the quickest ways to hate something forever. You at it expecting a different taste, and it tasted wrong, now youll probably never like them. Otherwise, they’re decent. Though, I don’t think of turkey belongs in a hot-dog from. It’s wierd.

Ehhh, either way, there’s most likely not enough real meat in the hot dogs to make a difference.

I personally prefer turkey myself.

Uhhh… I really don’t care what kind of meat hot dogs are made out of. Who has the time for that? Just eat 'em!

Originally posted by Phoenix Valkyrie
Ehhh, either way, there’s most likely not enough real meat in the hot dogs to make a difference.

Oh Yes There Is!

This thread wouldn’t exist if that were the case.


I like Turkey Dogs sometimes.

Otherwise I prefer kebasa dogs instead. Kebasa, or however it’s spelled, is an identifyable meat, so that way I know I’m not eating pig slongs or anal tubes like they put in other types of hot dogs.

Well, I onyl buy kosher hot-dogs, so its good beef in em. But Since I like em cooked to the point most people call em burned, it doesnt matter what its made out of.

Health freaks. Turkey has no fat, I think.

I don’t like the taste of regular hot dogs so much, and do prefer turkey dogs. I am not a health nut, even though you might think so if you saw me at 5’11" 3/4 and only 135 lbs. I never count calories or any of that crap. I am not a health nut, but I like turkey dogs better than regular hot dogs.

Originally posted by Dai ryuujin
Health freaks. Turkey has no fat, I think.

A turkey is an animal. Animals have fat.

turkey dogs are foul like my feet…



Originally posted by Cybercompost
A turkey is an animal. Animals have fat.

Low fat. Whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

/me eats Ave Destron’s feet

Turkey burgers are nice. Dogs, less so.