Trying to remember the name of a show

A friend of mine was telling me about a tv show. From what he described, I believe it to be live action. He said that it was of southeast asian descent, specifically he said Korean, but he wasn’t sure. I’ll give you whatever information he gave me about the show. Things in [brackets] are things that I don’t 100% remember what he said. I’m working entirely off the visual images he gave me.

He said the show started with a guy getting on a [bus|subway] and he sees a rather tipsy woman who’s swaying in all directions, about to sway right into the path of this [bus|subway]. He catches her, and guides her aboard. She gets sick, and everyone tells him that he should be mindful of his ‘girlfriend,’ but when he tries to claim that she’s not his girlfriend, she cuddles up next to him for security.

He described that the woman writes [books|movies] and her stories are constantly acted out by the characters, with her being the badass, and him being the little wimp.

I was told that the main character was raised as a girl until age 7. Specifically, he gave the quote (probably from a subtitle): “My parents raised me as a girl until the age of seven. When I’d go to a public restroom, and see the other ladies, I’d assume that my penis would shrivel up and fall off eventually. In fact, quite the opposite happened.”

The only other thing he told me about it was that there was a bit where the main character was in a bar, getting a little tipsy, when he saw a woman in the bar that he decided to pursue. After following her out of the bar for some distance, he discovers that it’s actually the woman that’s been following him around this whole time, so he runs. He hides in the bar, and when she tries to call him, he says something along the lines of “I’m sorry, this number is not in service. Please check the number and call again,” and then repeats the same message in English.

Again, I haven’t seen this, I’ve only heard of it second hand. Any of the facts above could be incorrect. If you think you even have a clue what I’m talking about, please let me know. I’m interested in finding it and purchasing it or at least downloading it. Thanks a bunch.

It’s a Korean romance movie called My Sassy Girl. Very sappy. All my girl friends love it though. Gotta say, it does touch your heart at the end.

Yeah man, not even challenging.

Not even challenging? How do you figure? Given what little information I had, I didn’t even know what to search for. Thanks for the answers, though.

My next question is, since it seems like at least a couple of you have seen it, is it any good? Should I download it? You said that it’s a romance, but is it an incredibly sappy romance, or more of a Love Hina-style slapstic romance?

They seem to be making a new movie based on the same book.

While we’re on the subject of awsome asian tv shows that nobody has ever heard of.

See if you can find it. It’s my favorite show. It’s like a japanese X-files. A highly entertaining drama about a renowned physicist and her magician sidekick who investigate people claiming to have super powers.

Well on the subject on shows that I can no longer remember the name, what was that old SCI-FI show from the 80s or 90s where the main character is an alien who has a orange spaceship with a black lines all over it. He has a friend in a floating eyeball and they run into evil aliens and such.

Another one I wonder is about a old kid show where people would play for videogames, often Neo-Geo games (which were expensive at the time) by playing other games to earn point. The end of the show had them going through a maze full of videogames, game systems, and bags full of games. They had a timer that they signal they had to return. I remember they had a partner as well. And no, this isn’t Nick Arcade, but that a good show.

I can’t get an image of the first one, but the second is Video Power. I especially remember Video Power because of the velcro vest to which you attached your winnings during the bonus game. And, no, Nick Arcade was not a good show. :smiley:

There isn’t much slapstick. More like they took the top 5 or 10 things women wish men would do to understand them better and put them in the movie. It’s very well done though, not that cheesy.

When you get to the part when they discuss another romantic movie within the movie you’ll be laughing your head off. I know I was.