I’m seeing it tonight. Looks pretty gravy. Anyone else want to see this movie? I think it’s going to be great. The local paper gave it a B-, which is incredible because they hate all movies.

Ooh, it starts today? I need to keep better track of the time… <.<;

Yeah, I wanna see it. I also wanna see Supersize Me… Maybe once midterms are over I’ll do some marathon movie watching ^^

I’ve considered seeing it. The battle scenes look awesome. I’m just worried they’ll turn it into a huge love story like in the preview. Don’t get me wrong, I know the whole mess got started because of Helen and all that. I mean, they’ll make it all love scenes because of all the girly hearthrobs (Brad Pitt, Orlando, etc.) are in it.

What’s wrong with a little hot sweaty man love?

I wanna see it. For the eye candy and the background to it.

I’ll be seeing it today in all likelihood. I’ve seen a lot of reviewers hate it, however. But I’m not going to really take the word of people who say that the movie, even as the Trojan Horse, is empty and hollow (a very bad analogy, I would say.) There are a lot of reviewers that say things like “Homer must be rolling over in his grave” or that there isn’t enough character development, that Pitt is just this big tough guy but nothing else. I despise those reviewers, because I doubt that even 2% of them has actually read the Illiad. I somehow did back in High School, and from I remember…yes, it is epic. But it is boring as hell for half of it. In between the philosophical comments and lines we have the coming of the Greeks which is outline in a boring 10 pages that would nearly put the geneoligies in the Bible to shame. I can’t remember how many times it repeats itself in battle, telling how this guy or that guy (who comes up only in that one comment) dies by getting skewered through the bladder, or gets it through the head so that his tongue is cleaved off. Or getting hit on the head so that the eyeballs fall into the dust. THAT’S Homer. Half of it is really violent. I don’t know what illusions these reviewers have of this classic literature, but they seem to think that the characters develop like Shakespear’s do. From what I can remember, not one of the characters in the Illiad ever changes greatly. Agamemnon is the same at the end as the beginning. Same can be said for Ajax, Odysseus, and all the others. How does Achilles change? He doesn’t. He is the big, sulking, self centered super-warrior, and that’s all. “Godlike Achilleus” I think is what they always call him. These reviewers are expecting some deep character development from a story that never really had it, from what I can remember. The Illiad is a story about a situation and war, not about characters. It’s about the quarrel between Agamemnon and Achilles, pretty much. It just really annoys me, because I’m sure not half of these critics knew the story beforehand.
The only thing that I can agree on is that it is somewhat sad that they don’t have the Gods in the story; I would have liked to see Aphrodite get skewered through the hand by Diomedes’ spear. One of my favorite parts in the story; serves the godess of love right for intervening in a battle.

I’ll probably go to see it, if only for the epic scale of it, rather than the characters. I still maintain Brad Pitt does not make a good Achilles.

Yeah, my interest in Greek history/mythology will be the only reason I may see it.

It’s a badass movie, you’ll enjoy it.

I’m being dragged to see it soon. My mum likes Orlando Bloom!

Big Nutter
Action and Bloom, You can’t loose

Wouldn’t a film based entirely on Homer’s epic be something?

It looks totally kick-ass, I just don’t to see Brad and Orlando naked, but that’s the main reason my sister wants to see it.

Troy is definitely one of my must-see movies, and I’m dragging my dad along for the fun of it. He’s freaked out because he thinks that Orlando Bloom is wearing a skirt… :thud:

Brad and Orlando naked is every girl’s gigglefest…but mine. :noway:

Can anyone tell me who’s playing who? I have no idea yet…

of COURSE I’m going to see this, even though it likely will only be rad and not k-rad.

the film site I frequent gave it a 7, which sounds pretty fair.

I’ll probably wait until video. I’m sort of a purist about things like this (of all the things, I pick something like this), and from what I’ve read about it I’m not really feeling this adaptation.

The important people:

Brad Pitt - Achilles
Eric Bana - Prince Hector
Orlando Bloom - Prince Paris
Peter O’Toole - King of Troy

A 7 sounds about right. When the movie finished, I felt like I had watched a movie that looked a lot better than it actually was; in a way it kind of fools you. Now, don’t get me wrong, I really liked this movie, but there were certain problems with it that dragged the whole thing down.

Problem number one, by far the biggest problem, was Orlando Blooms terrible acting. I never really liked him, but I thought it was just the roles. Here, I’m still not sure, but some of his lines are delivered in such a corny manner that it struck me as being just plain horrible.

Problem number two, I guess this is a spoiler but when you think about it - it’s not exactly one that isn’t obvious. Peter O’Toole’s character dies. There’s a list of actors whose characters simply shouldn’t die, and his is one of them. And who he’s killed by just makes you sick to your stomach.

Problem number three is the unfortunate fact that the movie ends. While feeling somewhat long, the movie does an excellent job of sucking you in. The movie moves along at such a pace that makes the movie easy and fun to watch. It’s difficult to get lost in the chaos. Anytime you get lost, however, is most likely in a battle scene and probably due to the horrible camera work. Which is unfortunate, because Wolfgang Peterson is great. The camera work is, at some points, jerky and seemingly shortsighted in that at times it cuts away or is posistioned in such a way that makes seeing something (and understanding it) difficult.

Problem four is minor, as it occurs rarely, are slowdowns. There are several scenes intended to be touching and sincere that don’t quite hit right and rather leave the movie goer checking their watch and tapping their foot for the next battle.

But, despite it’s shortcomings, the movie is terriffic. Brad Pitt is incredible and makes an excellent Achilles. Pitt delivers a chilling performance at times, and lands some astounding blows against his foes. His battle with Hector (Eric Bana) in front of the Troy gates is marvelously intense. The things Pitt does with the sword, spear and shield leave you licking the theater flow. If anything, this one scene makes the movie, which at that point didn’t really even need to be made any better.

I give this movie an 8/10.

Ughhh im feeling sick, both of them naked… gross, if i ever see it i hope that those scenes were to be edited out completely. I haven’t been impressed with blooms acting either, just kinda not there really IMO. Kinda iffy about main characters in a film also being sex symbols, but at least pitt can do a good job at acting. Looks like a visually stunning flim. Do’h I should probably read Homers work one of these days >_>

For list of actors/actresses:

There’s no real nudity in the movie, so no Brad Pitt/Orlando Bloom man meat.

Well, his death is in the Iliad. I’d prefer that films like this follow the original text as much as possible, rather than just completely change certain parts to make them less unsavoury.

I know it’s in the Iliad, but still - it’s Peter O’fucking Toole. Lawrence of Arabia for christs sake.

I gotta see this movie at somepoint.

What about odeyseus? Isn’t he played by Sean Bean?
What i would be interested in is if Troy is sucessful whether they will make a movie sequal of the Odeysey.