Trouble Uninstalling/Reinstalling...

…the game American McGee’s Alice. A year or two ago a friend let me borrow a disk, and I installed it onto my computer and played it, and really liked it- but never got to finish. Yesterday I found it in Media Play for ten bucks, so I snagged it. Although I ran the uninstall application a long time ago, apparently the fucking piece of shit didn’t uninstall all the way- and I have no clue what it’s doing. Yes, I have checked the registry. No, I will not reformat just for a fucking game.

I think a lot of the trouble is I’m running Windows XP.

Go into My Computer and delete it manually?

I did delete the program group after “uninstalling it” and any stray things that I could find, but I think that there are still some things hanging around… I’m really not sure what.

Probably registry keys.

Yeah, I guess it probably is- but I really don’t know which ones. I did delete all the ones having to do with EA and Alice… in the PROGRAMS one- but I think there are probably some in other places. I have no clue where to look. =p

Try a program called “regedit.exe” access the registey. This will be installed with your Windows OS.

Big Nutter
Although I don’t know if it is on XP

Nutter, that’s how you get rid of shit in the registry, which he did.
And yes, it’s in XP.
I’d just say try installing it again or something, if that doesn’t work, then I dunno.

Run a standard issue registry cleaner, like RegClean (just search since I’m about to head off to bed and am feeling lazy.)

Do you know of one that works with Windows XP? RegClean doesn’t seem to.

Despite what it says, I am on XP and Regclean works fine.

Is the problem that the game won’t properly install or that it won’t run?

If the problem is that it wo’t run, then there’s a quick and easy way to remove a program from your system. When you have a corrupt installation that cannot be properly uninstalled always try to see if you can managed to reinstall the program on top of the old version. It might seemb like a silly idea, but it’s not as crazy as you think. The uninstaller for the program knows where all the files are (or at least it should), so that’s still your best bet for removing the program. Reinstalling the program over the old corrupt version is often your best bet for getting the uninstaller working again and I’d say that the uninstaller about 90% of the time after you do this.

I can’t install the files over it. If I could, then it wouldn’t be a problem. At all.

And TD, RegClean crashes Windows every time I run it. Other registry cleaning software finds the problems (five of which involve adding or removing problems)- but will only fix it for a fee… grr.

Wow, that sucks. Sorry, I don’t know any other free registry cleaners and don’t want to go looking right now.

There’s a couple. One of them is crappy though. It only tells you whether certain spyware is on your PC and then directs you to a website telling you how to remove it. Useless piece of coding. I think it’s called Registry Cleaner or something.