Trogdor elected as hall representative

Where was he during the California recall election, is what I’d like to know.


I think he seems a little different from the last time I’ve seen him.

Anyway, there are two things that caught my attention:

1-) The author of the article is called Tim McManus. I didn’t know he wrote for an online newspaper. Damm you MD, you beat me to it!


Media Credit: special to the Gamecock

Does it have any relation with that vibing thingie for Panzer Dragon 2?

He’s a burninator. Of course he’d get elected.

Woo! Go Trogdor.

StrongBad for Presidency!

I mean, if a dragon can become a hall representative. Strong Bad should be able to become the President.

Oh, yeah, I’d make a GREAT president!

Strong Bad … so would yeast.

Yay! Go Trogdor! Trogdor for president!
Vote for Mayor for Mayor!

As I recall, a few years ago some guy tried to run a ficus tree for a house seat. It had a website and everything.

That was Michael Moore. The ficus plant would have won too, hadn’t they refused to count its votes.

Michael Moore is always doing weird things like that. Personally, I’d rather vote for Mickey Mouse…


contemplates a write-in vote for Dr. Evil with Mini-Me as vice president…

I’ll vote for Patrick Moore!

If Strong Bad becomes President, what happens to merchandise with Homestar’s logo on it?