Trisqularinine Chromatherapy

Colors have a psychological strength and are viewed with subtle differences by every individual." In this, I use colors in a sense of "color tones - Misty Brooks

This is a live recording of my first electro-accoustic composition for square, triangle, and sine wave with Bb clarinet. I have a friend of mine who is coming up in a month or so to do a tracked recording of herself for a better mixdown. That way we can get the clarinet blending better with the 8-bit samples.

In all honesty, my favorite segment of the song was the beginning, which is more of the “set up” for the rest of the piece, but it had the most color. It’s giving me a larger palette to work with in the future.

Please listen and enjoy.

(Pieces of Eight)

is this what people are doing as avant-garde nowadays

This was surprisingly enjoyable as well as a fantastic recording; considering it is preformed live.


Not at all bad. Quite nice actually.

That was pleasant to listen to. I always wondered what Electro-Acoustic was (especially since I almost applied for a university program about it). After hearing that I’m guessing it’s just the combination of acoustic instruments with electronic synthesizers. Pretty interesting composition, I liked the harmony you had going there with the clarinet.

your gonna have to fax it over, my sound is broken.

The love union of a clarinet and a Game Boy. I liked.

Thanks for the comments, youse guises. : )

I can’t wait until I can record this as a mixdown and really draw out the desired effect.

I’m almost finished with a new 8-bit track I’ve been on for a while, I’ll toss it up here as soon as it’s done when it’s done so you can jam while you jam.