Triple Triad or Tetra Master?

For me it is Tetra master in FF9
in FF8 you got items and stuff for playing Triad,and in Tetra you get
:ulty: :moogle: :ark: :bowser: :booster:
But there is just something about Tetra Master that is captivating

I would like Tetra Master better if you could actually play it in real life, but there’s too much randomness. So I’ll have to say Triple Triad.

Though I like the card game in Xenogears more. 8)

Triad. You can barely finish without it.

Triad, I actually have it on my computer I got it from:

Triple Triad because there’s more stratgy involved.

in my opinion Tetra Master is waaaaaaay easier than Triple Triad, maybe too easy?

Triad, man. I never got along with Tetra, and before I found out that you gain absolutely jack from it, I was nearly tearing out my hair trying to learn how to play. It pissed me off big time. I was so happy when I read that you didn’t need it for items or anything.

I agree about the fact that you can barely finish the game without Triad. Because of this, I think Triad is the easier of the two.

I lOVE Triple Triad. To this day, I still havent gotten Doomtrain’s card. Has anyone, while playing TT, lost cards? Whenever i load up the game (PC version) i never have and Bite Bugs. I KNOW i have bite bugs. What’s the deal?

Bite bugs multiply faster than Chocobos. Have you tried using the card magic from Quezencotl? That helps.

I LOVE Triad. I wish squaresoft made it into a real card game. That would ROCK! I’ve never played 9, so I’ve never played tetra.

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Are you serious? I’ve beaten the game several times without ever playing Triple Triad.

In fact, I did it fairly easily.

I hate the card games, but if I had to choose I’d choose Tetra Master. The limited range of motion and the unbalanced cards of Triad always irked me - as opposed to how all cards had at least one weakness that you could exploit in Tetra Master.

Tetra Master that came with FFXI is pretty fun. Kinda tedious as you dont really start playing other people for a long time.

Triad seemed more challenging

Triad is really complex.

Some people did. You can play it here!

For those who didnt know, ((like born looser said)) you can play Tetra master as an optional game that is included with Playonline (part of the Final Fantasy XI bundle) and the sucky part is that it costs an extra 1 dollar a month to play. But you get to compete with people instead of NPCs… So that makes it cool. Its like magic the gathering, but without the arm and leg that go into buying new cards…

Triad by far! I’unno, I’ve only played around two hours of FFIX. And I hate it. Sorry! i tried hard to like Tetra Master, but it seemed very confusing to me. And I showed my 9 year old sis Triple Triad, and after two minutes, got her playing like a pro! Triad ROXORS!

Yep, Triad. Simpler, more fun, and even more strategy involved :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta to be Triad. At least with that you can see just how much power your card has compared to your opponents.

definitely Triple Triad. the card art is waaaay better, the strength of your cards is easier to gauge, and you can get cards easier in FF8 using Quezacotl’s Card-Mod. The rules are variable too, which is cool.

  :thinking:        By the way, does anybody have those super-obscure character cards?
    I have Ward (which you can get from Dr. Odine in disk 3), Edea's card (from Edea, Duh),  Zell (from Zell's Ma in disk two), and Seifer (from Cid).

i got all of the character cards once. It’s fun collecting them. and with Card Mod, you get some kickass items from them too.

If any game is easier, it’s Tetra Master. Triple Triad has many more complex rules. Whereas Tetra Master is Physical vs. Magical x Elemental= A(2)