Yes, another tribute thread because I only recently discovered this game and it rocks your socks off. <3
usually I’m not into jumpnrun/ platform games but this one has got me hooked. Not just because of its imaginative gameplay (well, switching between characters with different abilities to get ahead is not exactly innovative, but fun anyway!), extremely beautiful graphics, and, most of all, an extremely beautiful soundtrack.!v=SgFxIopLANU Main theme and gameplay teaser trailer Crystal caverns

So sad. So pretty. ;_; Go check it out if you haven’t done so yet! :victoly:

It won’t run on my netbook, so I’ll look for platforming elsewhere. By the way it’s a bit annoying how games cost the same number of dollars or euros. We know the exchange rate, thanks.

Materia Keeper.

It looked like a modern day version of The Lost Vikings (this is an awesome thing).

It’s too bad I don’t have a system that can run it right now. ;_;

Hm, it installed without any problems for me and is running just fine :o Any particular troubles or is it because you’re running some fancy OS?

Also, yes it is a bit lost viking- like, except it’s featuring a sexy thief and involves a lot of box- levitating. :3

The demo is available for free btw:
But yes, it is annoyingly expensive. Funnily enough, the UK import would have cost me half as much as buying it in Germany. -.- So not cool. And I thought everything was more expensive over there…

Played a demo for it a while ago, its legit.