Trillian officially rocks you all


Cathultu for the win. :smiley:

That thing scares me.

Fuck no, it’s ridden with bugs and takes up a nice chunk of resources, though it’s nowhere near as bad as most of the default clients for the services it provides. And that’s talking about the Pro version, regular Trillian is just nasty.

Someone didn’t click the link. TD fails

Someone needs a sense of humour. Booken fails.

Says you, British.
Oops sorry, tea time

Keep saying that and maybe one day it will be funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

I toss a cup of boiling tea at your head.
You critically fails your rolls.
You die in agony.
The end.

This is a stupid thread, and you’re stupid for making it

Edit: This is an awesome thread, and you’re awesome for making it

Well this was certainly worth a new thread.

I’m a trillion times better than Trillion! XD

Sorry hun, but no body can match Trillion’s majesty. No body. Not even fucking Cammy, and that says alot.

Thanks :smiley:

Getting back to Trillian’s Avatar: GOD, that IS the most disgusting thing I’ve seen here, and we have had some real doozies.

Thought Kaiser’s beats her in sheer insensitiveness. I mean, come on, Kais! :noway:

Iz: Thanks, but you could’ve just PMed.

Wil: Bite me. :smiley:

Dude… that’s awesome. XD

The Thrilla… Of the Trilla.

Truly, that avatar is worthy of praise.

The kitten looks like on of those aliens from Megas XLR.

I charge extra for that. ^_~

Trilliane got ride of her Paine(FFX-2) avatar, right after i made Paine my virtual girlfriend. So, Trill is on my “ignore” list now.