Trill Deserves her own thread too

Happy birthday to you Trillian! You’ve always got the awesomest avvies.

I hope somebody makes me a thread when my birthday come around :get it?: .

Anyway, Happy Birthday Trill!

gives her lots of plushies


Damnit! I was going to make this and forgot!

Happy birthday Trilly!

Don’t worry… I’ll have a surprise for you. I’ll IM it.

Hehehehe…hahahaha…MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Heeheehee… ho… ho… cough


Have a great day!

Happy Berfday, Trilly! huggles the pretty Trilly, and gives her Mr. Minky as a gift :slight_smile:

Happy b-day ^^

Yeah, happy birthday, ‘n’ stuff.

I made hotcakes! Undine helped. ^^

Halpy borthday, Trilliern!

Happy birthday … MISTER Anderson.

Happy birthday again.

:hyperven: Banzai! :hyperven:

We give praise to the day that you were brought forth into this world, showering us with your blessings.

Happy Birthday!

Awww, thankies everyone :slight_smile:

<img src=“”> Happy birthday Miss Trillian. I hope you live to a billion…no, a TRILLION years old. :smiley: Oh yeah, here some caik for you to eat.

<img src=“”> EAT ME, I’M IRISH!

Happy birthday Trillian,may you have a wonderful day

2 regulars with a birthday on the same day? :o

Happy birthday trillian.

Happy Birthday Triller


does the happy birthday dance for Trillian :slight_smile:

Happy B-day. Nice avvie. :wink:

If you have a group of 23 or more people, the odds of two of them sharing the same birthday is greater than 50%.

Vorpy for president!

And happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Trillian. I have just finished the poem for you, but it is too long to send in a private message (with explanatory notes). I shall try to email it to you or send it to you by mIRC with your leave.

Anyhow, have a happy day.