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I’ve recently been obsessed with Trigun points to avatar and have spent some time downloading the whole series off Kazaa.Well i’m at episode 6 right now, I believe and I’m really liking it so far. Only thing is, I haven’t really dedicated any time to finding any english dubs on the net…I kind of dislike Japanese voices, because I find the subtitles are too distracting and it drives me crazy when I can’t really understand what is being said.

But anyways, I’m thinking about buying the whole series of Trigun because I love it…though I haven’t made up my mind. If I were to buy it, it would be to watch it in english, because I’m just that type of person.

Has anyone watched it in Japanese and English and can give me a run down on which is better and if buying Trigun is worth it? I’d say it is, but I’d like a few opinions before I shell out a few bucks…thanks.

Personally, I like the English dub better- Vash’s voice is great, and the voice actor did an excellent job with the role. Some of the minor villains tend to have meh-ish voices, but you usually encounter that in a lot of good dubs. Overall, I’d say it’s worth it it.

I’ve watched the first few episodes both ways, then went with the dub for the rest.

I watched the entire series subbed and just episode 5 to 12 dubbed, and I just prefer the sub. There’s just something about watching the series in its original form, no matter how good the dub is you always loose something from the feel of the orginal. Sure I’ve watched some of my DVDs in english once or twice, but that was mostly out of lazyness or because I wanted to trun up the volume and listen to it while I did other things. Sure the subtitles are annoying at first and I’d love to do without them (but I haven’T gotten around to learning japanese yet), but after a while you don’t really notice them at much; I’ve even found myself doing a double take once in a while when I suddenly realise I’ve been reading the sub instead of actually listening to what the characters say.

Question…how many episodes is Trigun?


I’ve seen about three episodes subbed. Personally, I like the dubbed better. I think ZROlimit really did a nice job translating, and rerecording it, they also have a nice track record. (Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Trigun, and The Big O)

Well I’m always curious, I’d like to see it in English. I think my mom has heard too much “Love anda’ Peeeeace!” coming from the computer lately in Japanese dialect so. And plus Kazaa never seems to have dubs, at least with buying it I have the option of watching it in whatever. So thanks ya’ll buying it will be worth it it seems.

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I’ve recently been obsessed with Trigun points to avatar

What!? I’ve never seen that guy on Trigun!

I watched Trigun till EP.4 and he still hasn’t shoot a bullet.

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What!? I’ve never seen that guy on Trigun!

Hehe no this is an old thread…it WAS

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But I’ve changed it since then. I’m obviously on an Escaflowne kick now.

Nightblade you have to keep watching to see why he hasn’t shot…and the story gets much more serious as the series progresses, especially when Nicholas enters the picture.

I am at Ep.18 right now.

This is getting really interessting…and Legato is sooo cool.

I’ve dled and watched 1-6 and I love it, I find it funny how Vash can one minute be a dumbass dork and the next be a serious lean mean ass whooping/shooting machine. Man things are getting interesting now, and he actually shot things yay!

Legato cool?! Nicholas is the man dammit, THE MAN! Hubba hubba. Who else uses a holy cross to kill.

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Legato cool?! Nicholas is the man dammit, THE MAN! Hubba hubba. Who else uses a holy cross to kill.

Yeah, I agree with you.

Who doesn’t like to see a man carrying a huge holy cross, filled with guns and then go nuts with em? Eh? EH?!?!?!?!

Dude…touche. Though I can’t see why not…-_-;; He and Vash are so cute together on screen

Okaaay, the story of Trigun is way deeper than I thought. I’m up to episode 10 (yay Wolfwood) but I downloaded a music video. It’s pretty cool with some kickass bg music but something in the video was freaky. This guy with short blonde hair and a black gun like Vash’s was shooting at him… I have a few theories of my own but like I said, if anyone of them are true then Trigun is way deeper than I at first thought. And Milly’s pregnant???

I think this would be a big spoiler.I think Legato is Knives.

Umm no…

Legato isn’t Knives, cuz Legato dies before Vash reaches Knives.

Ok. I’ll just got the boxed DVD set of Trigun for 149$ US!