Trauma Center for the DS

Its fun, I 'm at chapter 2 now. But man, the more I play this game, the more everything makes me want to cry. Nothing makes sense biologically or medically. Whoever made this game FAILED biology. Also, don’t play this on the subway.

Oh man, you haven’t seen anything yet.

It’s awesome though.

So very awesome.

(Also notice the disclaimer in the manual where they tell people to go to medschool instead of using their “healing touch” on random people.)

I can’t emphasize the word “FAILED” enough. And TD, your avatar, wtf?

Haruhi Suzumiya! GO! FIGHT! SOS!!! :smiley:

If you like challenging games sin you should try out Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!! … basically an equivalent of DDR but on the DS and with the stylus :smiley:

Hey man, it’s clearly the future and human biology has clearly changed to allow for any operation to be achieved with 8 or less tools. Clearly.

Where do I find this <.< ?

You know, everyone says that you should just go learn a real guitar instead of playing Guitar Hero. I wonder if anyone has ever suggested you just go become an operating room doctor instead of playing Trauma Center.

You need to import it. I suggest or good old ebay. It’s definitely worth it, though. Fucking amazing game.

Also watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya while waiting for it to arrive. That’s just good advice in general and vaguely related to the conversation.

OBJECTION!!! Go become an ace defence attorney.

Its not necessarily about that. One mistake that struck me most was that the fact their membrane being made of protein prevented its rejection. Proteins play a massive role in pissing off the immune system. See, they can invent stuff for the hell of it like they invented the antibiotic gel, but they acknowledged that. Notions like the one I mentionned just make me laugh. Like looking for a pulse on someone undergoing cardiac arrest. Some of the anatomy is just so wrong. Whoever designed the pancreas operation doesn’t even know what a pancreas is or where it is. Its like having a WW2 US vs Japan game happening in the middle east while fighting against the Masai of Africa.

A little background knowledge would’ve told you the nurse that bitched at Stiles that he needed to say “everything was fine” was the last thing you would ethically hear a doctor say (despite his obvious lack of people skills in the scene he’s bitched at about). I don’t think that they were trying to make Stiles look like he knew what he was doing more because of the way the scene was played out to make Stiles look bad.

Its stuff like that.

Also , anyone have any tips? I’ve gotten Cs on all my operations except for the heart attack one , I got a B (edit: got an A on first retry). I have no clue why or how. What am I even being rated on? Another question, how in god’s name do you guys suture? I just don’t get what they want us to do. “Zigzag” is a little vague.

Sin, are you the reincarnation of Joe Satriani in his bandana wearing days? Best pic I could find (not young enough there).

If you focus on suturing properly, you fail. It’s best to just do it very quickly, zig-zagging from one side to another. Doesn’t have to be neat, just do it fast, you’ll get a Good almost every time.

When zooming, instead of drawing full circles like the game tells you to, draw half circles. Works way better.

The rating varies incrediby per level. Basically, try to get a lot of good! remarks when you do things (suture, cut things, whatever), do it as fast as possible, don’t make mistakes and try to avoid using the Healing Touch as it takes out a lot of points.

Also I’m a total nut about this game and I haven’t managed to get past C for most of the Chapter 1 operations so don’t feel too bad.

Who the hell is that? Sin is the god damn green ranger.

I’m also Alan Shezar (x2 people), some guy from the red hot chilli peppers, Louis the vampire, Bon Jovi in the 80s, what else?

Is this the Osu game?

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Also, yes.

I order most of my imports from …I order the game on a monday and I got it wednesday ^^

o_o;. Wow that’s fast. Highly tempting.

Can you tell me more about this weird game you’re talking about?

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You hit those marks in order with your stylus. Variations on things to hit (dragging a ball over a slider, spinning a giant wheel really fast, etc) appear, but that’s basically it. There’s 15 stages, most with good music, short plots per stage. You control a team of motivational cheerleaders that help people to overcome their problems. Depending on your performance the story unfolds in the top screen.

All in all it’s goddamn excellent gameplay, and the manga panels really don’t need any knowledge of japanese to convey the story and humour. The music is pretty good, too.

Aren’t you also supposed to be Eatman, or something? I forget. And you don;t look too much like Alan Shezar. THe hair color’s wrong.

Bolt Crank? No, the hair color and cut are wrong, doesn’t have the bigass blue circle glasses and he actually talks. And doesn’t eat metal. As far as I know.

Back to fake biology, carry on.