Transparency issues

ok i got this slight problem with some of my Gifs for MMBN2… APS (Adobe Photoshop) will do the transparency but some pieces won’t get transparent… i have 2 attachments here if you guys want to see them… one’s transparent and one is partially transparent (Lan is transparent Chaud is partial) any ideas?

I regualary Change the Tranparency colours usually to a colour which is not used in the pictures and standes out. After Looking at the Pallette on PaintShop Pro, i see that you have 2 whites one is your transparency and the true white, and software got confuesed.

I think you want it like this:

For use ONLY in the Megaman Battle Network Shines.

yea that’s what i mean :slight_smile: thanks :victoly:
i’ll credit ya in the thanks

Mavvyedit: i got another one that’s got issues as well…

Fixed it. To fix it, I just used the magic wand tool in the GIMP to select the white areas, and hit ctrl-x to cut them out. You can probably do something similar in Photoshop or PSP. I also remember some transparency options with Photoshop’s “save for web” feature.

Does anyone know how you set transparency in MS Paint? I know there’s a way, as that’s how I did all the transparencies for my two shrines, but I can’t for the life of me remember how now. =/

got it all solved thanks guys :victoly: