Translation of Swedish poet

I thought of having this translation in my sig, but it’s a wee bit offensive. I’m not sure why, but this speaks to me somehow, some kind of hesitant fascination with a hint of disgust. Thus I have to show you. And testing my translation skills. These two poems were written by a man named Gustaf Fröding, a master of words. Sadly he was sent to an insane asylum. Because one of his most beautiful poems (about two lovers in Arcadia) got accused of being a story about masturbation - because it was called “Morning dream”. Fear the start of the last century. Anyway… these were written in the asylum.

Swedish version:
<table row=“1”>

Bita ihjäl
var kropp och själ,
ej våga se
i ögon, som le
dem som le,
Vilja kyssa,
vilja vyssa
små barn i min famn

  • vad jag vill?
    Giva vänliga namn
    bita till.</td>

Dig, som biter,
dig, som sargar,
dig, som sliter
mig i trasor,
dig som slår
mig i sår,
dig, som gett av
slag och bett av
tigrar, vargar,
dig, som slog, och dig, som bet,
mitt ibland fasor,
bett och slag
älskar jag.</td>

(I hate rhyming, but more than trying to translate it well I’m trying to make this available to the rest of you. And god, don’t talk to me about the meter, I couldn’t fix that up even if my life depended on it :P)
Devil’s love

Bite to death
body and soul,
dare not to see
in those eyes, that smile
those who smile,
Wish to kiss,
wish to hush
children in my arms

  • what I want?
    Give kinder names
    and then bite.</td>
    <td>Angel’s love

You, who’s biting,
you, who’s hurting,
you, who’s tearing,
me to pieces,
you who beats
me to tears,
you, who gave of
hits and bites of
tigers, wolves and
you, who beat, and you, who bit,
there among horrors,
bites and shove
you I love

No thats cool. My poetry professor, I can not spell her name without looking it up in my files, I believe translated a certain Swedish female poet. I will try to find the notes. I think she was Swedish anyway, and also ridiculed. Jeeze maybe she was Russian? I will double check. Are there other Swedish poets who are so minimalist in their work, and can you get translations?

Devil’s Love is so going in my new fic! :slight_smile:

And I like 'em. Good job Weiila!:cool: Is this the first time they’ve ever been translated?

Interesting. I fail to see how someone could think this was about… that other thing. If you ask me, the people who said that had twisted little minds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, it’s something unusual. It had a strange effect onmy mind. Something about it has just triggered one of my deep thought moments.

Aaaaarrrrrrrrgh! Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible (not the translation, the poem itself). The way it’s written, it sound like like the two sides are sympathetic to one another. Well, maybe that’s how the author meant it to be, but I don’t like it one bit. Sorry, Weiila.

Ach no, Ivan, I don’t LIKE like them, there’s just something about them that stroke a nerve.

Manus: This wasn’t the poem he was imprisoned for, that was another one called “Morning dream” that I might try to translate when I’m less exhausted. A very beautiful love poem, but the fact that it was a “morning dream” “indicated that it was a perverted fantasy” :stuck_out_tongue:

Pierson: Cool :slight_smile: I like quotes.

rothalion: I’m not sure if there’s an official translation, you could always look for one. Fröding used to be a master of the Swedish language, that was before he snapped inside the asylum :confused: