Transformers: The (Live Action) Movie!

Yes, the rumor IS true. And even I didn’t believe it, but STEVEN SPIELBERG is working on it! I imagine they’ll use CGI for the 'bots.

I don’t have a link to it right now, but, for those of you who think that it’ll be impossible to do realistic versions of Optimus and crew, check out THIS TV ad:


Dancing Transformer oO;

Which Transformers? Generation 1?


Seen it. And wasn’t this linked to already?

Live…action. :thud:

Transformers, actors in disguise. :frowning:

And this is a better 3D Transformers dancing video

This is a such a bad idea.

Soundwave can get DOWN.

This brings a whole new meaning to doing the robot.

I wish people would stop ruining my childhood.

Agreed, transformers was amazing. So was beast wars, but then they come out with transformers armada. and so on.

I was wondering when we’d get that link again. The last time it was posted was sometime before the Great Deletion. Still, it’s just as silly as back then.

Wow, that dancing robot advertisement had nothing to do with the movie. I’m surprised.

I posted the link as an EXAMPLE of what could be done; sorry if it wasn’t clear.

Here’s a link to the actual movie news, but since it’s a FANSITE, I don’t consider it completely trustworthy. But judge on your own: