what is it with spoony and DBZ transformations…or for that mater…all the stuff he has taken from DBZ all together

DBZ got tiring for me right about the time they killed freza i’m like OK now i’ve seen it all!

You misunderstand. It’s not because I like the DBZ anime, it’s because I like to make fun of it.

Hypha is a lamer and an idiot, thus he decided to go ‘SSJ’ on Zero.

The sad thing is, I think all of us have a little Hypha in us…Even X…although it’s very small…

I like DBZ…in fact…I use to kinda be like Hypha…but I got better. And now, although it is a kick-ass show…It has been copied to death.

The body given to Hypha looks strikingly similar to that of Phantom Abyll. Granted, he IS just a Zero recolor, but I do have to wonder if it’s not a coincidence…

Is it you or Macc that has the Narrator from DBZ?

And why does he always asking questions?