Totoro DVD

when will an Anime release company buy the rights to this off of FOX and release a quality DVD of this?
its kind of offensive when you find a movie this brilliant in a Wal-Mart bargien bin(but at least its cheap).

I’ve never heard of it, any good/what is it about?

it is exellent and considered one of the ten best anime’s ever

its about two little girls and their dad who move to the countryside to be closer to there dying mom in the hospital and in the camphor tree next to there new house they discover the Totoros which are magical furry creatures that well saying what they do would be to much

it is one of those rare films that make you feel like a kid again and are not be ashamerd of it,the more you watch it the better it gets,and the older you get the more important it becomes to you

its a shame that Fox can only release in a Wal-Martr bargin bin with the only features being trailers for Bushwhaked,Lucas,and The Adventures of Yellow Dog
they dont even have subtitles or origanal Japenese

Yeah, I wish someone would, that used to be my favorite movie, and I still love it.

My cousin, and I both like singing that beginning or whatever song. :slight_smile:

Disney has the rights, and they were going to release it August past, but the release got delayed. Then it got delayed again. I think it was the third time they delayed it that they also changed the schedule, and The Cat Returns replaced Totoro on the line-up. No idea when Totoro will actually be released. I heard one rumour, though, that they didn’t want to compete with the old crappy, but cheaper, version that was still on the shelves in some stores.

For anyone who’s interested in the other Miyazaki’s being released along with The Cat Returns, they’re Nausicaa and Porco Rosso, due out February 22nd, 2005.

Oops, too slow.

But you know, if they release it like the other ones, a two disc set packed with extras, and mention that it’s uncut (i’m almost positive they made edits to the fox one, not to mention it’s dub only) people will buy it in droves. I think they wanted ot release all new ones, rather than re-release something (Warriors of the Wind doesnt count). They’ll get it out eventually.

And it’s like you said- “some stores” It’s not as easy to find anymore. Disney releasing it will overall ensure a much better version, uncut, with subs, and a slew of extras and available everywhere from suncoast to walmart.

how can Disney have US ownership of all Ghibli films directed by Miyazaki but movies such as The Grave of The Fireflies are owned by Anime companys?

You just answered your own question, there. Grave wasnt done by him.