Now I have seen it all.

Ok that really made me giggle. Small things amuse small minds ^^

Can’t see it, but the URL makes me want to vomit.

Cute, yet somehow strangely familiar… @_@

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Cute, yet somehow strangely familiar… @_@

You’ve seen someone dance that way before?:eek:

I think so. However, I don’t recall if it was for real, or something in a dream… either way… @_@

meh, seen it.:boring:

That’s old hat

Errr… Right. Yes. carries on


Strays away from link

Some things I wouldn’t ever click…

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[b]Strays away from link

Some things I wouldn’t ever click… [/b]


ancient, but still manages to bring a… cringe… to my face… :runaway:

:get it?:

Just go to the place where it all started: www.gayspiderman.com

Ahahaha I didn’t know it had audio I just checked now because of Ren’s sig. I told my friend Wesley the whole dance reminded me of him. I hope I don’t get hurt.


That’s awesome!!:mwahaha: :hahaha;

Ren’s sig makes sense now! Well, as much sense as can be expected…

I have seen it before, and I’m only bisexual. It’s a fraud!


Finaly Fantasy kareoke. Insanely cute and well done. I didn’t feel the need to make a new thread because esentially it’s a flash so it belongs in this thread ^^ Ignore the boring intro, the song is funny and Aeris whomps Sephiroth’s ass.