Top 100 Games

I haven’t gotten through all of them but, here’s the link
Top 100 games
Note: I appologize for the pun in advance (you’ll see with the first game)

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I’m a bit confused. :wave:

as you should be since you arent on aol or subscribe to whatever magazine thats for

Your joke involves Link, though. The top game is one of the Zelda games. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re patient, G4 is going through the list on television through a series of weekly specials called “Entertainment Weekly and G4TV present the Top 100 Games of All Time” hosted by Hal Sparks. The bottom 20 is airing this week. They seem like their picking some good ones, but the host seems irritated that Dig-Dug didn’t make the cut.

Dig-dug is definitely not one of the top 100 videogames of all time.

I have a feeling that thats the only game the guy knows.

Why bother airing them now? The entire list was in EW a few weeks ago.

It had professional comments like:

“Chrono Trigger is the precursor to Final Fantasy”

– what the fuck were those people smoking when they wrote that?

Actually, it seems that they’re airing it daily and not weekly. Regardless, they have interviews with people who have played the games, instead of with EW staff writers who had heard of them once before. It seems pretty well rounded, but, since there are 100 of them, many get less than 1 minute of air time, such as Puzzle Fighter 2.

A small piece of advice- TV shows always dumb down video games as if they were for kids, always (with the exception of seminal British TV shows Gamesmaster and Bits :wink: ) they rarely get the necessary coverage and are always a bit late- and any celebrity claiming to be an expert on games is quite clearly talking out of their arse :wink:

Actually, they seem to be talking only to people who have played the games, and instead of asking them to be experts on the games, they’re just sharing their enjoyment. It’s not ultra-technical or anything, but it is people who enjoy their video games.