Too bad I didn't work today.

I could have seen the President. While I don’t like him, it still would be cool to see him. I missed it one time back in March of 2003 because I was in combat training, but he was at Lejune in North Carolina back when the war started giving a speech.

It’s not like he’s a celebrity. The only thing I’d do if I saw him was spit on him. Well, I wouldn’t ACTUALY do that. I’d think about it though, and pretend to be his friend. But I wouldn’t actually be his friend. You know what I’m saying? Yeah.

Wow, I actually pretty mcuh agree with you (all except the first part). I understand completely. I just think it’d be cool to meet or see in person the leader of the country.

You what you could have done? Worn a t-shirt with your sig on it. Now that would have been cool.

Or wear a t-shirt with my sig.

You could’ve egged him!

I’d wear a T-Shirt with Infonick’s on the front, and Kamikaze’s on the back.

I’ve seen three of my presidents up close, and I still don’t get what’s so great about it.

I shook Clinton’s hand when he was campaigning the first time.

Yeah, I remember that day. The traffic that day was really bad going into Lejeune. I didn’t go, since I was in school, but my dad was there I think, and he said the traffic went from the main gate to god knows where. But yeah, it was a pretty big day in the Jacksonville notebook.

If I ever saw Bush In person, I’d probably end up getting arrested, but I’d make sure Cheney was there, too.

See, if you do anything to Bush, you also have to make sure Cheney dies as well. And hell, while you’re at it, kill Hastert.

It’d be cool to see him make all those pronunciation slip ups in person. It must be funnier.

It’s all fun and games until the Secret Service pop a couple thousand caps in your ass.

And a shit load of Marines go after you since for some strange reason the military loves Bush.

Or pied him like that one guy did with Bill Gates a while back.

You could have slipped RPGC’s URL in his pocket. Then he’d visit here and take over our site instead of Iraq. Dubya could be the new Jim.

I’m not sure if that’d be good or not, but it sure would make the political “debates” in the Forum more interesting. Plus RPGC would get a fuckload of publicity.

Then I can lead an insurection against a real evil tyrant :smiley:

And then you’d mysteriously disappear off the face of the earth. =P

Please chill out on the whole doing violent nasty things to the president. We don’t need the secret service putting RPGClassics on the axis of evil or something, thanks.