tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow....

Tomorrow, nov 1st, I am getting a laptop. Not just any laptop, a Dell 8600 Pentium M with a 128mb vid card and 512 mb of RAM. I will be most interested in testing out capacities in Warcraft III (I hope FT works with my current bootlegged copy >.>), Diablo II or SC. Discuss.


Seriously though, all the games you mentioned there work perfectly on my machine, a 9-month-old Dell 5100, so they’ll probably be about the same on yours if not better (yours seems to have the same tech specs for RAM and video card as mine though). Don’t bank on being able to play Half-Life 2 though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been on an SC kick lately, despite having a copy of WC3. I’ll likely be on East under the name HidoiRyuujin.

If you wanna test your capabilities, give Scorched 3d a dl. It takes a pretty good comp to get a decent frame rate out of it.

I’m looking forward to giving doom 3 a try, but I’ve never really been into the PC FPS games so it might be a while until I try it out :P. I’m especially shooting this proposition at a specific group of nameless individuals.

My last SC challenge has been rather dissapointing, the ‘I deflect his main force with my reserve while my main force turns his base into rubble’ sort of dissapointment. I wouldn’t mind a real fight.

I have the games you’ve listed and would be willing to play any of them, but I’d be most interested in playing Starcraft.

As for what you can do with your new laptop, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to play Half-Life 2 with it still looking fairly good.

However there’s really no chance of you playing Doom 3 on it, sorry. The only way you could would be to turn off all the graphical effects and run it at 640x400, which is hardly an enjoyable experience. You could always try System Shock 2 instead though. =P

They’d work on mine too. An old AMD Duron 1.2 gHz with 512 mB ram and ATI Radeon 9600 256. Those games will hardly make a test.

Starcraft… it’s been a while, but, send word if you decide to play it. I miss kicking GM’s butt =P

GM, Xach , pm me your msns.

And I’m fairly certain doom 3 can run on my laptop.

Get an “evaluation” copy of Doom 3 before you go out and buy the full thing, that way you’ll know for sure.

bit torrent is providing me with my evaluation copy :stuck_out_tongue:

Doom 3 works flawlessly on high detail. I haven’t tried very high , but I figure that’ll lag since I’ve heard the best cards aren’t up to the challenge yet.

I highly reccomend giving Half-Life 2 a try.

I’ll keep that in mind then.

Any tips for Doom 3 though? Its tough. I don’t play FPS games much :S

jumping and shooting is always a good idea.


Doom 3 is so cool! I love it.

Heh. If you’re wanting to get into FPS, get HL2 when its out. Or if you cant wait a week, try out Far Cry.

I have never enjoyed grenades so much. Eat that ambushes! HAHA!

If you were really hardcore, you’d play through with just your fist!