ToL secret charecters

The point is to be able to knock out more units before they can get close so that they actually can attempt to do damage to you.

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The point is to be able to knock out more units before they can get close so that they actually can attempt to do damage to you.

Exactly, and its really effective in multiplayer battles, of which I’ve had 1 since I only know 1 other person with the game.

I’ve only played a few multiplayer battles, and they were against Jiharn (right when he started) so that we could both get Emblems =P I’ve been meaning to challenge him again since he’s gotten a lot further now.

I’ve got no one to play vs. with. And I don’t mind a longer battle. It’s usually more interesting.

Euphaire transfers to warlock, warlock transfers to Elrik, Elrik moves with warpshoes to blow stuff up with his ice summon with full MP on the first turn.


Um…Zero why do you need the middle-man? All you need to do is transfer straight to Elrik and let him summon, there is no need to include anyone else.

Because the middleman transfers for about 190MP in my game, it’s a full charge. In my case though I used Deneb as a warlock/summoner instead.

Hmm, that sounds promising especially since I did not know that Fluid Magic transfered a full charge. Looks like Deneb is gonna get some use again.

so fluid magic is better than eupharie alone. Which means I were right. But who needs the eupharie, use a magic leaf from the priest or some other slow moving char. to the warlock, the pump up elrick for his gnome summon. Who doesn’t change elrick’s element for his golem summon.

I change Elrik to earth so he can better use Gnome and so i have an excuse to put fenrir on my siren.

Keep him on Fenrir for me since his element is water.

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I believe she joins you near the end. The only secret characters are Deneb and Glycinia’s Sister.

whois Deneb? i think i’m pretty far in the game (just put the sorcerer twins on the run) and i don’t recall meeting him, where do you get him?

It’s a her, not a him and Im gonna let gamefaqs do the talkin since thats where I got how to get her.

—4. How do I get Deneb?—

First off, you must go to any shop and Hire a female soldier named Deneb (yes,
the capital “D” is important). She can be of any element (yes, both the
Japanese version and the American version). Before you actually hire her, make
sure she is of the Neutral or Chaotic alignment, if not, go to another store
and try again.

Now, train her up so that she has at least 38 MP and 35 INT (those are required
to become a witch). Finally, get the Vixen’s Whisper emblem. To get this, she
needs to persuade one male in a battle. The best way to do this is to enter an
encounter and see if there are any males in that battle, if so, send out all of
your guys (including her) and change her class to be the same as the male
character before you start the battle. Get the male character to a low HP,
then put Deneb beside him and try persuading him. Once you get it, finish the
battle. Now that she has the Vixen’s Whisper emblem, you can turn her into a

When you turn her into a witch, a little dialogue will come up. She’ll say
that she’ll show some extra skill to being a witch. As said before, she can
summon, use extra spells (faith, tranquilize, and cursed existence), has higher
stats, and has temptation, so she wasn’t lying.

Take Note, not that you would want Deneb as anything else, once she is a witch,
she can not turn back to any other class. She is stuck at a witch. The only
way to change her from it is to kill her in battle, then use necromancy. Now
you can use the reincarnation scroll to change her class, then eventually back
to a witch if you would like.

Just another thing I thought I should add, for those of you with a friend with
this game, Deneb is the only special character able to be traded over. Just
use the necromancy/reincarnation trick and you can trade her over and you
friend can turn her back into her class from there.

Thats a direct quote from here

I just thought up a double summoner combo, eupharie, and\other summoner, and a warlock with fluid magic. first turn, eupharie energy transfers to warlock, warlock fluid magics other summoner, and other summoner casts summon. fluid magic should give enough mp that next turn, the other summoner can cast another spell, the warlock can feed eupharie, and eupharie can cast a summon too.