ToL secret charecters

How do you get cybil, in Tactics Ogre: knight of lodis? I’ve been playing it for a while now and I still don’t have the sorceress.

I believe she joins you near the end. The only secret characters are Deneb and Glycinia’s Sister.

And about the fairy’s sister, can I accidently kill her?

Yes you can. If she’s not in the battle where you’re supposed encounter Lubinia (a Gremlin), then Lubinia will not show up at all. Also, though Lubinia won’t attack you, it doesn’t mean you can’t attack her. If she dies, you’ll never get her.

Cybil joins you only if you take path A, and she joins you after Castle Osterea. If you have Rictor, that means you took path B and cant get her. Also, Elrik and Euphaire are (i think)missable but not really secret as the game points you to them.

Also, with Euphaire, Elrik must be in your party, or when you beat her, she’ll die.

You reversed it, Kagon.

And I wasn’t aware there was a path A/B or that you could get Rictor. Could someone illuminate me?

Er, no I didn’t. You fight Elrik at his fort, and he joins you. Take him to see Euphaire, and she’ll join after she’s beaten.

The paths are based on your choice when Cybil tells you that you need to hurt a mermaid. If you say that you’ll go along with her plan, you’re in Path A, and Shiven joins you after the next battle in the swamps. Later after Osterea is cleared, Cybil will join you. If you refuse to help Cybil, you’ll take the long way to the mermaids, and Orson will join you after the next battle. Rictor joins you in Osterea once it’s cleared. These paths of course have different endings with the A Path having two (one for if you beat the game in under 25 hours). I assume since Path A has two endings, it’s the “better” of the paths.

Kag you screwed up, the girl comes first, then you go beat her dads ass to get him. In fact you have to beat the girl to even get Belleza to open up if im not mistaken, which I might be but meh.
Edit: By girl I mean Euphaire. Also, I said Blete but meant Belleza.

Er, on Path B at least I know I’m right. That’s the path I did when I played through, and I beat Elrik first. It might switch if you’re on Path A.

Yeah ok I get you now, On path B you are right but on Path A I’m right. No harm, no foul. It’s just I’ve never played B path and am only like 3/4 through A path.

Ah, I gotcha. Always took path A.

BTW, what’s Rictor like?

Priest that actually has a useful attack. By useful I mean he is really strong.

I didn’t kow you could get rictor. can he still use summons when you get him?

Rictor is your god. His attack power is very nice, he can heal, and he comes with his virtue elemental summon spell. He’s like a priest except useful.

Bah, don’t say Priests arent useful. I use my Priest all the time since he can cast really strong Heal and Heal Plus. He goes good with Euphaire Energy Transferring to my Siren, who then summons Fenrir on the first turn.

shrugs They’re ok. Later on I just use a Knight with Heal equipped. I never really did end up getting damaged too much except for in the last battle when my Priest proved useful but that was it really.

I use a warlock with fluid magic in place of eupharie. A warlock can fight, transfer more mp, and doesn’t give up his own health

A warlock cant transfer on the first turn, and they give up their mp to transfer, Euphaire just gets healed on the second turn after she Transfers to the Priest/other healer.

Use the warlock as a fighter, he’s okay. And what’s the rush to use a sommoner. The opponents can’t do major damage, idf any, on their first turn.