Tokyo Show results..

Unsurprisingly, PS2 led the console ownership poll: 79 percent of respondents have one. PSOne and the original PlayStation followed, with 62 percent owning one of the two machines. Nintendo captured third and fourth place with the Super NES and GBA/GBASP, which had 58 percent and 56 percent ownership respectively. Microsoft’s Xbox didn’t fare nearly as well, with only 10 percent of respondents stating owning one.

According to complete CESA statistics, ownership of Microsoft’s game machine ranked lower than five consoles that aren’t even in production. Each of the following systems are owned by a portion of respondents numbering greater than 10 percent: Super NES, GameBoy Color, N64, Dreamcast, and Saturn.

THats gotta suck for microsoft heh

That’s not very indicative, since the populace chosen for the survey was more skewed towards the hardcore gamers, those who would have been interested in games for a long time, and therefore more likely to have old systems. But yes, Microsoft isn’t doing as well in Japan as they would have hoped.

Does anybody think Tales of Symphonasia for the GameCube is promising? I sure do.

And that has what to do with anything?

Doesn’t surprise me, American consoles have never faired well in Japan, and Microsoft had no solid connections in Japan, so their console, coincidentally, isn’t doing well outside of the states.