Today was one of those days you just wish you had a camera.

So today we did a live fire bunker shoot (basically calling artillery in at 200-400 meters away from our position). We took the buses out to the usual impact area where we normally do our live shoots, but we were on a different part of the area. The other platoon was dropped off somewhere else and before we got off, the bus driver asked if anyone knew where we were (yeah, that made us feel good). He told us to get off and head down the road and said we should see the bunker there. We go to the road and what do we see, a big sign that says “DANGER, do not enter. Impact area.” So most of the platoon stayed at that point, especially since our instructor wasn’t there yet. However, six of our guys decided to do as the bus driver said and head into the impact area and go to the bunker. The bunker turned out to be about 1km into the impact area and they gave us a call and told us to head out there, but we held fast and waited for our instructor to get there and tell us where to go. Our instructor got there about 20 to 30 minutes later. When he asked if we were ready, we told him that a couple went to a bunker out in the impact area. The instructor was pissed and got on the radio and called range control to stop all firing in the impact area (no firing was going on, but the range was hot or could have been hot). Now that impact area was huge, so checking the firing is a big deal. He had someone call them up and have them run back out of the impact area. They got quite the ass chewing, which would have been fun to tape. Plus, the huge ass sign right there, would have been quite the photographic moment. I wish I had my camera. The way the sign was and their going into the impact area, would have been like a picture from a comedy where you’d think it was photoshopped or something.

For some reason, you just reminded me of the best scene I’ve ever seen in any movie, ever. In “Be Kind Rewind,” Jack Black was climbing a fence with camo on, and suddenly a big spotlight flashes on him, and the camo just happens to line up PERFECTLY with the fence and all the signs around it, lmao. Just thought I’d share. I love JB

Haha I remember that - even the ladder fit in with the camo!