Today, I shed a tear.

It’s been twelve, count 'em, TWELVE YEARS since I last saw this and finally Locomotion decided to air it in my country. As I child I was completely marveled at this thing, and now, twelve years and the realization that it really is a Frankensteinish hybrid between SDF: Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada later, it still compels me to leave any other chore on hold and plant myself in front of the TV to watch the episode.

I hadn’t heard any publicity nor seen any signs of this, so when I flipped channels and saw “Harmony Gold Presents: Robotech” I stared slack-jawed at the TV for the duration of the opening.

And I shed a tear. I who didn’t give a shit when Bamby’s mother died, I who makes fun of my mother because she cries every time the movie Ghost comes on, I who never before cried over any kind of entertainment service, shed a single lonely tear.

This, alongside Saint Seiya, Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros, represents my beginning as a Video Game/Anime fan as well as a huge chunk of my childhood.

What’s my point? There is no point, I just wanted to say that Robotech, being the inhuman crossbreed that it is, is still one of the great classics of the anime industry in occident. And it fucking rocks.

It’s very odd.

Pretty much the only thing I can remember about that series is that it rocked. Also, that it actually had a black lady in it. That’s it, I just remember how much I enjoyed it, but not WHY I did. Wish I could see it again.

SE, this series is part of the Macross storyline, thus, it will seem a lot like SDF macross. It also does indeed fucking rock. Also, it had a wonderful novelization done of it, well, six novels, but that’s not the point.

That’s what I meant by hybrid, I know that Harmony Gold smashed the three series together, made a complete re-write/bastardization, destructed any form of original plot and then dumped it on USA. My point is, Robotech is still a good series even after that anal gangbang; not even nearly as good as Macross or it’s sequels (I could skip Lovers Again though ¬_¬) but it’s still great.

And Force of Arms is the greatest space battle scene ever made.

I remember when they use to play this early in the mornings. But I only got to see the series once.
I remember watching it because it reminded me fo the Transformers, only this show was a few steps ahead.
Again I remember seing the series only once and could never catch a rerun. I can remember vaguely that my favorite character was Bo!!! He kicked ass but died on the show all of a sudden. Thats the biggest event that I could remember caring about.

I used to have 2/3 of the series on tape, but I haven’t seen it in years. It was one of my first anime, though not the first (which was likely DBZ back when one of the local channels had it years before CN did). I bought Robotech Battlecry back when it came out, in an attempt at regaining some of the magic, but the game was more worth a rent than a purchase. This was likely the series that got me started on my mecha obsession which is a big part of me even today. Now if I could just find it somewhere to watch again…

If you like this, SE, you seriously should read the novels, if you can find them.

Robotech=teh suck

oh no you didn’t

Damn right I did, biotch. You wanna throw down? Bring it, sucka!