toc.txt assistance

Need some help with the new templates and whatnot… more specifically, the toc.txt. I used the one from the new templates & added it to the folder in the server, but it’s not coming up when I go to preview one of my pages to see how it came out. Just getting the white page w/black text.

I rechecked and made sure I did it right & that I added it, but I obviously uckfuped somewhere & don’t see it. Prolly from having only about 4 hours of sleep, working from 10 pm - 6 am… and not having gone to sleep yet will do that to you I suppose. Having CFS doesn’t help either.

P.S. - Sorry I haven’t been here for a while to work on shrines n’ stuff, been busy with work a lot… or sleeping.

Can you give us a link?

Oh yeah, sorry… I guess that would help.

That’s supposed to be the shrines main page, but no toc shows up(white page w/black text) yet it’s saved in the folder on the tartarus server & the links in the toc file are correct. As I said, I more than likely overlooked something and just don’t see it. If it was a snake, it prolly would a bit me.

You are not using the template. It contains the lines ( < and > removed ) ?php include(“new-header.php”) ? and ?php include(“new-footer.php”) ?, your index.php does not.

That damn snake, bit me in the friggin left n… anyway.

I got it fixed now, all the pages are working. For some reason, Mozilla Composer was removing those 2 lines from all the pages, even though I copied them directly out of the templates zip file. So, I just downloaded Kompozer and used that & it stopped doing it (I prolly should’ve used it in the first place). Re-checked grammer, spelling errors & whatnot. I guess it goes up on review again or something?

You’re using the old toc.txt code. It should look like this, not like this.

Okay, I see. Fixed it now.

You think I should leave it as is, or rearrange/condense/add other headings to make it fit better?

P.S. ~ Thanks for the input/help.

It looks fine.