ToC not showing up!

On the main pages the ToC works just fine

But then I get to here
and theirs nothing, like a huge error message.

Now I think the problem is that I ned a ToC for the pages that are not in my main directory folder. I was going to put them all in their but unfortunately their are 300+ monsters in the game and i think that would be a crazy amount of too much. So I chose to put them in seperate folders, My hope is to keep the directory nice and clean. If that is the case then it will work out good because I can create a ToC for each family with a link to each monster in the family there and a link to the monster pages. Any help would be most appreciated thank you ahead of time. :biggrin:

You can put a toc.txt that just contains links one directory back. For example,
<A HREF=…/…/index.shtml>Main</A>
<A HREF=…/…/monsters.shtml>Monsters<A>

To expand on what Cid said:

The templates just go and include “toc.txt”. There is no toc.txt in your second folder. You’re going to have to copy your toc.txt file, add an extra …/ before every link, and then either upload it into the folder, or name it toc2.txt, and reference that.