To whomever enjoys Starcraft UMSs...

I’m not that great at melee, and thusly, I play a lot of UMSs.

Anyone else here who enjoys an occasional UMS?

The reason I’m making this thread is, tommrow night, a bunch of us get together in channel RPGC and play a metric assload of UMSs.

Golems, MTG, maybe a few defense games, and any of your favorates.

Post here if you’re interested, mention what your fave UMSs on, and perhaps he can decide on a set time.

What was that one I used to be good at? The one with loads of marines on that chess board and you had to make new spawn points…

Zone control

I do, not played any on yet…

Yeah, Zone Control. I used to 0wnz0rz b1tch3$ on it.

Well i what i like is the Normandy one if you have heard of it and any of the x-men rpg UMS’s. By the way my name on BW and regular is General_Matt. Maybe ill join you tommorrow, about what time will you be on.

I guess i’m the only SC exclusive player, damn.

I figured we could gather 'round 8 or 9, US Eastern time…depending on what’s good for you all.

HELLS YA! UMS! :smiley:

8 or 9 Eastern works for me :smiley:

I’ll still be SidewinderX2 on B.Net :slight_smile:
I consider myself very good in MTG if i’m white… and sorta kinda ok at blue… hehe

Normandy is good… cept it’s a tad long… >.>

we’ll be meeting in the RPGC chan, right?

There’s no S in hell >_>

I might be on 7ish, may be working on a map, but if I hop on, I’ll make a Pylon D, along with my SF map if I fix bugs.

I just finished whats called a “Super Altered Starcraft” map, where most of the units have different stats. Plus, this one has buyable heroes. Unfortunately, it can only support up to 3 players.
It’s currently in the testing and debugging stages.

On another note, does anyone know if there’s a way to copy the unit/hero settinsg from one map to a different map?

No, you can’t copy them.


GG could poast a link so I can d/l it? Sounds cool.

So tonight at 8 or 9 at RPGC channel ok ill be there which one original or Brood War.

The attached file is my map. Bear in mind, it may not be the final version. Any suggestions you all have for it would be much appreciated.

And yes. Around 8 or 9-ish, US Eastern, in channel RPGC. And yes, Brood War.

And if you’re wondering about the map’s name, it’s beacause the map is megaman-themed. All the units are renamed.

Marines are Needle Man, Zealots are Sword Man, and Ultralisks are Guts Man, to give a few examples.

Ok ill be there. Actually i am playing right now if anyone wants to play i am in channel rpgc. If not then tonight.

D’OH! Disregard that download. I accidentily uploaded an older version of the map.

I’ll upload the later version shortly.

EDIT: D’oh! The updated version is too big a file. I’ll email the file to whoever wants it, or just show y’all tonight.

The time is nigh…prepare thyselves! :mwahaha: