To people that are open with their relationship.

Go ahead and be proud that you actually have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
But keep in mind, The patrons of RPGClassics and myself: Dont give a shit.
In fact, we actually kind of pity you, that you’re so excited that you found somone that isnt disgusted by your presence. We arent impressed with you. And we’re actually quite offended that you think we would be.

Relationships are like religion, you need to keep it to your fucking self.

This means you, Steve. Setz took note of our feelings, you could actually learn from him.

i do good lerneding

Don’t presume to speak for us all, Charle. I don’t care about Steve’s love life either but I don’t think he’s pathetic, nor do I feel insulted. And If it bothered me I would just not read their posts. THAT is what we are supposed to do here, with ANYONE who annoys us, it’s the RULES and you should know it, you’re a Mod. Besides, you’ve been posting just to be contrary for quite a while yourself. Rethink your attitude before some Admin has to take action.

Apologies to all, but I felt I needed to make my feelings known. No more comments on the subject.

Char speaks for me :smiley:

I think some people are going out of their way to be offended or bothered by Setz, Steve and Jenna. Is it that hard to not read or not post in threads that offend you?

It’s not like all of their posts are clustered together in threads titled “Avoid this.” They clutter good threads also. So the answer to your question is yes.

One of my exes used to post here and nobody minded, so I don’t know what the fuck this is about. Oh well, be happy Charle, you won’t have to deal with any of this for a while.

Charl is not a mod.

Being a staffer does not make you a mod.

People tend to get this wrong a lot.

This is the best post you’ve ever made.