To all GBA SP whiners

Find yourselves another excuse to not buy an SP.

Wait, I don’t understand. Is there a problem with changing games on the SP?

A customer on 8/11/2003 writes:
it looks like a decent thing to have if ur in ur car like on a road trip and u have nowhere to put ur games u could just keep em in the changer so over all it looks good
I don’t know if this guy makes less sence then the consept of someone being so lazy as to not pull the damn game out and replace it with a different game. Jesus.

The only trouble I have is buying a stupid game (it’s so hard to choose!). Once I have them, I have no trouble putting them in. Honestly, if you’re that braindead that you can’t put a game in the slot, you don’t deserve to exist. Please give me your name and address so I can kill you and do the world a huge favor.

I don’t care about the game changer (But its a fun feature), but the added thickness is a plus.

Still, I got a GBA and I’ll stick with it.

Guys, EB games is reselling the NeoGeoPocketColor for 80 bucks
You get the system and 6 games for 80 bucks!!

I wuv my SP.

Here’s my reason for not wanting an SP: I have a regular GBA that suits my needs just fine. :slight_smile:

Heh I might get oen. I HAVE a GBA but its’ kinda fucked for some reason. Ah well

GG That’s what they all say til they try the SP.

Meh, I still like my purple fossilized GBA better. =P

The SP is much better than the original GBA(This is all my opinion so sue me biotch!) A backlight, you can PLAY IN THE DARK and ruin your eyes until they bleed candy.


For the same price you get 6 games too…and a piece of history…

<img src=“”> I definately wouldn’t have bought a SP if I had a GBA already. Paying 135 bucks (yes, Holland’s expensive) for a new screen and a different design just seems silly to me :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t stand the SP. It’s too… thin. Too small. Can’t handle something so petite that well. Feels like it’s gonna fuckin’ break in my hands. I’ll stick with my GBA.


I’m getting a GBA Player for my Gamecube. Ah, playing TO:KoL and FFTA on a big screen is a lot less eye strain.

drops his original GB on Reno

Is this one thick enough for ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

im getting an SP, which i saw a friend using and decided was orgasmic. and chill out devillion, ive had a fucking NGPC for 2 years.

is busy rubbing sore head and cursing obscenities under breath Uh… that’s a little too thick for me. glares at Kero