Time zones

This thread is dedicated to saying FUCK YOU to the daylight savings system.

It doesn’t really bother me any, but whatever. Fuck the system. :V

We didn’t even have this crap until last year or so.

I’m really hoping the British government doesn’t follow through on its threat of having Daylight Savings time all year round, or worse yet having double daylight savings. The prospect of watching the sun rise at 9:15 in December ain’t fun… especially when you consider it won’t rise until almost 10am for people living in Ireland.

Man, fuck DST. I know that my DS isn’t going to notice or care since it was designed back before congress had to fucktards about rescheduling when DST officially occurred. The DQVC doesn’t even consider it considering the fact that it bases all of it’s times on GMT anyways.

Also fuck the DST for making my brother an hour late for his dance rehearsal and for making my old man work an hour less last night/this morning.

Fight the power

They made me lose an hour of sleep…those bastards!

Yeah, fuck Daylight Savings. We have electricity and 24-hour stores now. ಠ_ಠ

I heard that Benjamin Franklin came up for the idea of daylight savings time. I’d listen to him. He was our best president.

The man advocated having a mistress. Personally, I think we should follow his advice at all times.

Daylight Savings Time can get right the fuck outta town.

Fuck time zones, all countries should operate on AST - AMERICAN Standard Time, bitches

Daylight savings isn’t all that bad… you may be losing one hour of sleep now… but when they switch it back, you get an hour extra! :stuck_out_tongue: (even though you’re technically getting your hour back… it feels good none-the-less!)

Cheer Up everyone! :slight_smile:

If you are born during Standard Time and die during Daylight Savings Time, you literally lose an hour of your life. The government literally LITERALLY stole an hour from you. Personally, I won’t stand for that. First they steal MY MONEY and now they steal TIME ITSELF? What next, Mr. Obama? What next?

The man loved hanging out with the French. Fuck the toad loving bastard and fuck DST!

Because President Obama invented Daylight Savings Time and put it into law 43 years before he was born :V


Right. 43 years before he was born. IN KENYA.

You could live in Arizona, they don’t follow dst, but then you’d be living in Arizona.