Time Travel

I can’t believe no one mentioned the <i>Back to the Future</i> trilogy yet.


… damnit Cless!

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Army of Darkness, i guess I’ll have to search it out now.

Don’t bother. The rest of the series is much better. Evildead 1 and Evildead 2 are much better than AoD.

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‘‘The Navigator: A Mediaeval Odyssey’’ It’s a movie from New Zealand described as The Time-Travel Adventure of the Year! (in 1988) The bad ending is great. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is an excellent film.

Bill and Ted.

Quantum Leap. Dean Stockwell is so dreamy… :slight_smile:

(And yes, I know that Dean plays Al, not Sam. I don’t like Scott Bakula.)

Hoho, Bill and Ted! How I love that one! Too bad I never had a chance to see it from the beginning… Hehehehe! Now that’s comedy!

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Quantum Leap…

Now THERE’S a good series.

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Don’t bother. The rest of the series is much better. Evildead 1 and Evildead 2 are much better than AoD.

I blame your post on your severe addiction to battery acid but forgive you because you must also be running a high fever. In any case if you’re intrested in the series here’s a basic run down:

Evildead was a horrible horror movie.
Evildead 2 was basically a remake of Evildead but turned into a comedy.
AoD was pure genius in comedy form. Bruce Campbell (the lead actor) travels back in time, against his will due to events which occur in Evildead2, and fights the Army of Darkness during the medieval age. This movie really loves one liners, many of which made it into the game Duke Nukem 3D (if you’ve played it)

As far as I know Rountree isn’t actually addicted to battery acid or running a high fever.

Time After Time, 1979 version. Jack the Ripper steals H.G. Wells’ time machine and escapes to the 20th century only to be pursued by the famous author.

when they made evil dead 1, they only had like 1100 bucks. it was great. but its the worst of the series.

Evil dead 2, they had like alot more money, and it was the besat because it was just freakin nuts, basically only him going insane.

as for back to the future, i’m sure you all remember when I got the dvd box set last christmas, and they game me two bttf2’s instead of a bttf3.

Quantum Leap! Last time I brought that up, zero and an a bunch of other people were all hating it. I love that show!

Oh, I just remembered. I think the best time travel episodes I’ve ever seen was on Babylon5. The series itself isn’t about time travel at all but the few episodes they did, especially the ones concerning Babylon4, were really well done. The entire series was written incredibly well with unsurpassed continuity so it shouldn’t really surprise me that they had some of the best time travel episodes.

For example, the ones with Babylon4 were released during different seasons with different main characters but seemed like they were written at the same time (maybe they were).

The plot for the whole series was written before they made it That is why the continuity and storylines flow so well.

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K-PAX? more like K-THAT MOVIE SUX!!!
I just wanted to comment that that comment made me really laugh out loud :stuck_out_tongue: