Time to Give Thanks Department

OK, I’ve whined about my old stuff often enough here, and not without just cause. But today, my old surge protector saved EVERYTHING IN MY DESK after a thunderstorm hit frighteningly close to my house. That includes my computer, my new screen, my internet modem, my printer and my speakers. I freaked for a moment because nothing worked, but then I realized it was because the protector burnt in their place. So, yeah- thanks, Gods of Technology! (Geez, this is the second close call to my internet access I have this year, the first was the virus that forced me to do a reinstall.)

Oh, and this is the SECOND time lightning threatens my hardware. The first time a bolt ruined my computer’s dial-up access. But that in turn led me to switch to Cable, so I guess it was a good thing in the end.

Now excuse me while I clean the acrid smell of burnt plastic off my living room. >_<

My goodness Wil, you can’t catch a break can you? I’m glad your surge protector was the only thing damaged. When I got my desktop, it was the first thing I thought of getting with it. Hopefully, I’ll never need it, but now I know they really work.

Whoa… that protector sure sounds like a life saver! I myself got a new desktop last year, but didn’t by any surge protection. Every time there’s lightning or even thunder I hurry and switch everything off and unplug the desktop fro the wall… yeah, primitive… I know! xD

But that’s sure handy and thank heavens the rest of your stuff if okay… I know what it feels like to lose valuable hardware! :frowning:

Helios: Go buy a protector RIGHT NOW. By the time you hear the thunder it might be too late! Also: don’t smell the smoke from a burnt protector. IT’S TOXIC. I learned the hard way, felt ill for about two days afterwards… -_-

Yeah… I probably should, LOL!