Tickle Anime scenes

Okay I’m an oddball, I hae a tickle thing. So What?

Anyway what scenes in anime with tickling think of, name, like, etc.

The anime called Hummingbird Idol Force where the loser of a card game is held down and tickled is kinda cute.

Kiki getting her toes licked in Kiki’s Delivery service is another fav.

What about you all?

Dude…how old are you…

in my 30’s

Thats just…wrong…man, really…wrong

Whats wrong?

tickle…tickle There is just something wrong about that…

Soooooo… you’re saying your anti tickle? I mean so long as there is no bondage, and its for fun what’s wrong with tickling?

ok tickles fine, as long as you dont start talking to us about bondage…BTW I dont know any tickle scenes.

That’s okay. Nope, no bondage here, that’s just plain sick!

I think society tends to glorify sex, without any concern for responsibility. One reckless act can really mess up a person’s life, because there are always consequences, and some people never want to face them. I also think it’s wrong to reduce a human being to a simple object or toy. Of course it gets more complicated when people want to be used that way, but I steer clear of that stuff on general principle. There’s more to life than sex, and if people don’t realize that, well, it’s their loss.

Man, TD, can’t you post something serious once in a while?