All right. No new Thundercats yet (damn Thunderkittens), but it’s time they got back up.

<img src=“”> Lion-O
<img src=“”> Cheetara
<img src=“”> Panthro
<img src=“”> Tigra

And the other four.

<img src=“”> Jaga
<img src=“”> Ben Gali
<img src=“”> Pumyra
<img src=“”> Lynxo

that’s some cool sprites you got going there, i like that tygra one but too bad you didn’t put his whip

Only Lion-O deserves his weapon. And, uh, Pumyra too apparently. Bah. I hate Tigra.

heathen!!! the gods will punish you for that remark!!!

And if you bother 984 one more time I’ll Galactica Phantom your ass! (joke, I just noticed the Clark Steel in your avatar)

Nice, 984. Now you just need to make one of Lion-O without his sword so it’ll be avatar size.

Sweet. :slight_smile:

Except I don’t want it to be an avatar, Xelo.

And another one.

<img src=>

Wily Kat!

The final thing, maybe. Hope y’all like. When I get a chance, I’ll upload the .png version.

It’s awesome 984. Awesome.

I don’t see my favorite character from the series. Where is Mun-Rah? The ancient spirits of evil will punish you for not making Mun-Rah and Mammoth sprites!

Fuck Mumm-ra. Only The Thundercats get sprited. I MAY do the villains sometime in the future. MAYBE.

Edit: Okay, it’s a bit larger, but the png version is up. It handles the colors better.

Really good :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are taking constructive criticism, it’s not hard looking at the image and not seeing Jaga.

that’s cool! I remeber I use to watch that show.

that turned out pretty cool, 2 points for you. :cool:

Wow, those are pretty cool.

Oh, and if you tell me that your Panthro sprite wasn’t based on Cyke, I won’t believe you.

Hey 984, got sometin for ya.

Mine’s better.