Thundercats: The ANIME??


Well, the show was pretty anime-like already (for its time) though I hope the Anime version has more plot than “Mumm-Ra does something bad and Lion-o beats him” every episode. I LIKED Thundercats, but that got old quickly. Maybe we’ll find out why Thundera exploded?

Also: Am I the only one who thinks Mumm-Ra looked like the Emperor from Star Wars? :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, a Warner Bros reimaging? As long as they don’t try to make it edgy…

Announcing a new show while the news that the original’s creator died penniless are still fresh is slightly tacky.

I thought it was just a writer that died.

I jut hope they make the world as weird and awesome as it was in the first series. Say what you will about Thundercats, but man was Third Earth Diverse. Same with New Thundera.

Well if they are going to redo Thundercats then maybe I could start hoping they redo later shows as well like Pirates of Dark Water (a man can dream).

(Although if they’re going to be announcing this as soon as the show’s writer’s murder is announced then perhaps it would be better if the above never comes to pass.)

(Plus they wouldn’t do that without first hitting up Captain Planet anyways.)

I would kill for Pirates of Dark Water to get finished at long last. I still have the Genesis game of that.

I have the SNES version. But Noy Jitat, yes, I want them to finish that story someday.

I agree that it’s tacky for WB to announce this project right after one of its original writers was murdered, but that’s Hollywood for you.

I liked Third Earth as well, and the diversity was indeed a mayor reason for it (though I never understood why it was called THIRD Earth. What happened to the other two?)

Except the Berbils, they were just robot Ewoks. They were more of a Star Wars rip-off than (normal-form) Mumm-ra. They were just ANNOYING.

I wouldn’t mind if they remade other shows of the time, if they made them RIGHT. Silverhawks tried to jump into the Thundercats bandwagon but they copied the style and not the logic (their solar system’s sun was a GIANT FLASHLIGHT?? WTF??) Oh and a new Captain Planet IS in the works as well- but only in the planning stage so far I think. Just make the characters less dumb, please.

And I third a conclusion to Pirates of Dark Water. That was a damn shame.

And V- what the heck is your new avatar supposed to be? It looks like a hermit crab… or a Russian peasant woman.

I believe the two given explanations for Third Earth was that it was named Earth and was the third planet from the sun, or (and note this is not exclusive from the first possibility) it was the third age of Earth… whatever that meant.

And it’s a Mirby, Wil. The unholy offspring of a Metroid and Kirby. So not only will it drain your energy, but copy it as well as it leaves you a lifeless husk. All in the family-friendly name of Nintendo!

Rapiers or pistols at dawn? Incidentally, I didn’t know PotDW wasn’t completed. I thought the local channel had just bailed on it.

Thundercats had the same logic faults than Silverhawks, it was just in a more minimalistic setting so they weren’t as noticeable. When the cats got into space, they “fell” through the void just like the Silverhawks, which always irked me even as a kid. I knew enough to understand that the hawks’ wings should serve no goddamn purpose in FREAKING SPACE.

They only made it up to the Eighth Treasure of Rule by the time the show got canned.

Speaking of which, I bet it would be faster for BP to fix that oil leak if they found all Thirteen Treasures of Rule then whatever it is that they’re doing now.

(I can’t believe its taken so many months for someone to make that joke, I and everyone else should feel ashamed to call themselves nerds. :no2:)


Do you think they’ll have Cheetara do something other than get captured or get beaten? That’s really all I can remember about the series.