Three things

The cool, the omg uncool and the wtf!

Meh, eww and …

The WTF looks very anal. Could be interesting to watch the juice squeezing act. But, to drink it?

Wood interiored ipod…sounds primitive
Im not sure if forehead inflation would make its way up to “a piece of art” catagory.Id be damned if it even catched on.
And the “wtf”:…(no comments)

Nuff said.

Neat, eeew, and kinky :'3 :moogle:

Neat, yuck, and …?

y halo thar how strangely erotic

Cool: I want one! ^^

omg uncool: His forehead is gonna sag so much that it obstructs his vision when he gets old. X)

wtf!: That…would…never pass health inspection. >.>

I prefer my ipod without the wood. The balloon thing is so weird… and should be meant for actual purposes only. And the juicer would be sticky.

The end.

Edit: But Chad wood is a good thing.