Three Quests in U.SaGa down and four to go.

Ruby, Judy and now Laura are completed. Laura had the hardest version of the final boss for me though. Due to the attacks he got to use. Ugh I hate shadow breath. In any case the next victim is Ventus.


Hot DAMN Ajora, how do you find that much time to play? I know that us, being the SaGa Maniacs we are (:P), bought it as soon as it was available where we live (For me, it was about 2 days after release), but I’ve only done Laura’s quest, and I haven’t even beat the boss yet! (I Haven’t tried in days because of circumstances beyond my control, but still :P) I just…wow, how do you do it dude? :smiley:

I’d probably be done with a quest now, but I’ve started over a whole lot. I’m currently in Vafton with Judy- I’ve come to love the absurd LP everyone in her party has.

I have no job and I have no life due to not being very social with people. That’s how I do it. And if I had a job, I’d probably put more concentration in U.SaGa than other things. Or maybe not.

It also helps that I’m at least a C+ player. Ie I may suck at true challenge for all I know. But I can adapt to battle systems well. And I am capable of thinking beyond damage as it were.