Threads of Fate

FOr the mosnters section, I notice he left out some of the “Boss” enemies. I can udnerstand not putting humanoids who don;t drop coins, and stuff, but plenty of the boss monsters should be mentioend for compelteness sake.

Edit: Just noticed only now he made a comment about not keeping them there. Don;t see why not.

In the Character page, I think Rue’s beginning stats are off a bit. I’m pretty sure his HP and MP weren’t 60/60 at the beginning. I think 80/40 were his starters, but I could be wrong as it’s been years since I played the game.

A Boss section would be very good too, but apart from that I can’t notice anything offhand.

Threads of fate pretty good game.

…Was there any point to that at all? :confused:

Nope sorry

flamewingman, don’t make pointless posts. Seriously.

The tables the walkthrough uses could be wider, they creates a vertical wall of text and would be much easier to read if more words could fit on a line. Actually this goes for a lot of the tables.

Chapter 1:Beginning -> Chapter 1: Beginning (chapter 2 page)

I can’t remember if there was a limit to stat increasing food you can buy with monster coins, or the stat increasing items you can buy from Hobb. I seem to remember there was a max on each play through but its been awhile.

Might want to note how many times you can fight Rod in a row, and when that counter resets.

Someone already mentions a boss page but I’ll reiterate, this is needed, containing images, battle tips, and boss stats.

A general how to play page would be good.

Add a link to the stat food (using an anchor) from the side quest page in the descriptions for the legendary items.

Fixed. I don’t remember why I did that…anyway the other things are being worked on and the boss page will be added very soon.