Thread for the Mods.

Here you go mods. Here’s another thread for you to lock and keep posting in. I’ll set the first topic since it’ll be my only interaction in the thread besides reading it. The topic to discuss is: “Why we keep posting in threads we lock.” Ok…and…GO!

Beacause they can.

I still say it is funny as shit. If I was a mod I’d do that just to drive people crazy, and look it is working, this thread proves it. GO MODS! I read the porn thread everyday and laugh.

Isn’t Phone Booth a comedy though? Or is that a different movie I’m thinking of?

man Info, you don’t understand that when people make threads asking for it, all we do is leave them open and NOT post in them :stuck_out_tongue:

Which you just invalidated!

It is mroe to bring it to the attention. Also, it is basically like necroposting which is frowned upon. :ah-ha!: Wasn’t it locked so that it would die?

nah, you first have to announce…well you…uh…BAND

No, it was locked because it was an irrevocably stupid topic in the first place. And who cares? I consider it more their forum than ours anyway. Hell, they foot the bill. They can do what they want.

Plus, the quality content of the porn thread is ten times what it was before being locked.


[The_984] !kb Merlin BAND!

  • RebelBot sets mode: +b !
  • Merlin was kicked by RebelBot (BAND!)

And let’s not forget my graduate thesis on differential calculus on Sin is a doo doo head.
And yeah we lock threads so they die usually. But there are no rules that counter what we’re doing either. I thought it’d be a funny thing to do. And it is :smiley:

Agreed with SpazCat and Sorc. If I were a mod I’d probably quickly change the forum rules to “Mods and admins can do whatever they want, everyone else has to obey, if you don’t, fuck off”, banz0r your ass and set the forum rules back to normal. <.< But that’s just me. ^^

No, the forum belongs to Charle, for the sole purpose of his whims.

Fools! You’re all pawns of Uranus!

Whose anus? (Sorry).

Anyway I like pie. That makes sense to me.

Son of a bitch! Fuck. I almost had it, then SK fucked it all up. That bastard! I tried to bury the porn thread to the next page, but then SK ahd to post and bring right back up. You bitch. Maybe tonight while everyone is sleeping…yes…You can’t keep it up forever. I’ll eventually kill it. :mwahaha:

Now we should just make it sticky.

You are trying to driving me crazy aren’t you spawn of satan, aka SK?

Well, hey, at least I’m not Hitler: