Thread closure...

Three of my threads in the main forum got closed, and the reason given wasnt very good. IT looked like he just copied and pasted the reason. Could anyone tell me what the “correct” forum for posting something you want everyone to see would be ?

Read the forum descriptions right under their names. If you want to talk about Final Fantasy then go to the Final Fantasy Compendium Forum, if you want to talk about Anime then go to the Anime Forum.

Sinistral IS a little bit anal regarding threads in wrong forums, as he closes them instead of moving like most do, but he still has a point: It’s not hard to guess where each thing goes.

But it was more than just about final fantasy and anime. Why didn’t he just say, “this one goes here, and that one goes there” ? I am kind of new here after all. I didn’t see anything in the rules about posting on the wrong forum !!

You made one thread regarding FFXI and another requesting release dates for FFXII, those two have no reason to be outside the FF Compendium Forum. The Anime Trend thread pretty much relates to anime and people who watch it, so it’s rather obvious where to put it.

The Main Forum is for topics regarding things that are not covered by other forums, such as specific video games and anime.

So why didn’t that guy tell me the right place to put them ? Why did i have to come here and complain before i learned this ? Arent administrators supposed to help people ?

Like I said, Sin is a little bit anal on this subject. You might want to ask him that.

After getting tired of having to explain to people what they could have learned themselves by reading the board descriptions, Sin just started closing the threads instead of moving them.

Heh. You’d be a bit anal too when you watch people miss the obvious.

RPGCMain Forum “the title says it all” real descriptive. I guess the title doesnt say it all.

I know that, I understand why he has so little patience about it.

Sinistral NEVER moves topics. Ever. I hate it. He’ll say a topic is in the wrong place, but he won’t move it. God only knows why.

Also, I’m STILL not sure where the “video games and anime” thread should have went. It wouldn’t belong in the video game forum or the anime forum (since it’s not really about video games or anime… and if it was, it would be about anime as much as video games and vice versa). If anything, that’d put it in the main forum by default.

I can kind-of see how the ones about the FF12 and FF11 atlas would go in the FFCompendium. But isnt this website RPGClassics, and shouldn’t the MAIN Forum for RPGCclasssics have video games discussions in it ? Isnt FFComendium a different website ?

Not exactly, FFC is a subsite and very related to RPGC (Or so I think, Cid might say otherwise). Since it’s already on the same Board, all FF-related discussion goes there.

RPGClassics does have a Forum designed specifically for discussing Video Games: Video Game Forum, which is meant for general gaming discussion (Like “Square just released…” or “StarCraft is awesome because…”) and gaming help (“Anybody knows how to beat…?” or “Where is the…”). The only thing relating games you can’t do there is talk about Final Fantasy, but you can still ask for gaming help for the FF games.

NOTE: “Which character do you like in…” or “Which is the coolest…” type-discussions go in the Polling Forum, regardless of what game they are about. I think this is quite obvious but I’ve seen people who pass over that one.

RPGC Main Forum is basically for everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else: politics, anecdotes, homework, bitching about certain things, funny flash movies… well, general discussion.

Try lurking for a while, post in already made threads for a while so you can learn what kind of threads are acceptable.

It boggles me how people don’t understand the system here. It’s not hard.

No, the main forum should not be specifically for Final Fantasy or RPGs in general. Just because this is an RPG site, does not limit our discussion to RPGs.

Seeing as how Final Fantasy is the biggest game franchise in existence next to Mario, it has it’s own forum.

Since an obtrusive amount of people enjoy that anime crap, they have their own forum as well.

Since we’re people, and some of us adults, not everything we do revolves around video games (unless of course, you’re dragonquester) - so we talk about other things in the Main Forum. The title really does say it all when you relate it to the other forums.

For gods sake, use common sense.

make a multi-media forum.done.

The FFC forum is both for Final Fantasy talk as well as FFCompendium talk (although the latter rarely ever happens). The FFC site itself is technically a subsite of RPGC, but in actuality the FFC seems to get more visitors than RPGC does, so terming it a close affiliate would probably be better. :sunglasses:


A wife that didn’t have dinner ready for her husband when he comes home gets more hits.

Anyway, the description for the Main Forum is probably too vague and seems aimed more at regulars.

But seriously, if you just thought about for 6 miliseconds you’d realize that if it isn’t already covered by another forum then that’s probably where it’s supposed to go.